Aiding Women Entrepreneurship in India

Udyogini, India

Indrajit Banerjee on May 27, 2018 in Women Empowerment

India, a country where 56% of the total population consists of males, well the count may be an aspect of immense exultation for most of the populace as reports suggests men never face negative countenance of discrimination, inequality, unjust reaches, malfunctions or even if they face it’s of the rarest occurrences.  On the contrary the societal image is of not that privilege as it is for the males because the female counterparts are often subjected to all sorts of negative practices showering on them woes thereby shunting down their mental, physical and economical escalation. Women in our society are often subjected to physical abuse, statistics shows that 53% women believe that domestic abuse is justified and shouldn’t be argued about. Not only to worsen the situation instances of child marriage, dominant presence of dowry system but also bride burning seems to fuel up the prevailing plight of the women in society. Women fall in the grasp of sex trafficking, illiteracy, lower state of health, poor medication and the very striking and alarming religious prostitution. An estimated 50,000 women are extorted as devdasis in southern part of the country, the very same country where widows are the synonym for cursed humans and in parallel to this belief, the plight of the women in our society goes unnoticed.

Societal changes do take place, though restricted but what it matters is to go on even if it be slow the process should not stop.  Gliding into the very same ocean like process Udyogini is one such group of people who work with poor, mainly illiterate women to improve their skills as producers and their knowledge of the markets they operate in, so as to ensure long-term returns. Diane Mariechild strongly states “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” and Udyogini definitely believes in it. In 1992, Udyogini was created to coordinate and facilitate management training for grassroots women groups. The World Bank Institute funded Women’s Enterprise Management training Outreach Programme (WEMTOP). Udyogini, as well as other institutions in Africa, supported through this World Bank initiative, developed this concept and manual for Grassroots Management Training (GMT), which is now a core activity in Udyogini’s work in India and in many NGO and government programs around the world. Udyogini opted to work in what would be considered inhospitable conditions for enterprise development involving socially excluded women at locations with poor access, infrastructure and socio-economic indicators.

Right since its growth and development through the years Udyogini kept on adding innovative ideas to escalate the growth be it establishing marketing linkages or federation building and then moving to establish good rooted export conditions. Udyogini has been primarily involved in the delivery of business development services to women producers for promoting micro-enterprises and their work covers several parts of the country majorly Rajasthan and MP and in the later state they facilitated a smooth enhancement of income for 2000 tribal women by promoting forest and farm-based products. Currently, Udyogini is working with about 50,000 producers and aims to increase its outreach to 1,00,000 producers in 5 states – Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. Udyogini also provided business services to NGOs, CBOs and Government projects to build their capacity in designing and delivery of business services. Udyogini offers a wide range of services namely skill and entrepreneurship training boosting the academics and aptitude of women, business counselling covering deep analysis, establishing market and financial linkages alongside institution building and ensuring social security boosting the self-esteem, awareness and dignity of women.

Through significant program drives like NTFP-LAC, agriculture and allied services Udyogini stands upright subjecting a justice to their objective of transforming women into entrepreneurs. Their impact seems to be extensively wide reached with some of the figures being very interesting. 50,000 women producers in 7 states have directly improved income and livelihood. Nearly 4500 of these women are service providers or entrepreneurs in these chains, and managing independently.  Their flame continues to glow and their motive continues to weave fruits and all through 25 years they have set a glorious example in front of the naked eyes of this very society presenting a new life both economical and intrapersonal to the feminine folks.

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