Planting The Pillars Of Societal Equality

Sneh Foundation, India

Indrajit Banerjee on June 26, 2018 in Women Empowerment

The world seems like believing in a one-way ideology, they are always ready to seek benefits from the society but hardly do they give something back in return. Mostly this ideology comes from lack of knowledge, lacking the knowledge of how a society progress can when there are people still stagnant with an underprivileged tag always hanging round their neck.  Driven by self-centric goals of attaining power and mounting bank balance, people these days forget completely that they do need to give things back to the society as well. Thanks to groups of people who stand out amongst the seekers who are concerned about these folks and also are keen to offer the helping hand so that they all can collectively build an extremely positive and progressing society.

Sneh Foundation, Kolkata, is one such group of people who move apart from their vested interests and invest their time and efforts in establishing societal equality and economic independence for all. Founded in 2011, Sneh foundation is a collection of extremely understanding people who can feel the pain of others and respond to that pain and reach out for help. It’s a charitable trust formed by Shri Sanjeev Bajaj from Kolkata. The trust is being supervised and guided by a very well-known Chartered Accountant Mr. Surendra Shah from the very well-known metropolitan city of India, Kolkata.

Sneh foundation is registered with all the government norms and all the legal process is performed well in advance like having registered with the Income Tax Department of India and also avail the 80G certification. Sneh has a vision for better India, it believes that the better tomorrow is based on the actions of today. Today the actions are taken for the betterment of the society by helping the needy in all the possible ways, Sneh does not judge people but goes forward collective to achieve the better tomorrow.

Sneh is focused on the covering wide range of contribution from supporting the orphanages, supporting the government schools and organization that help the education of the under privilege by announcing some scholarship for the scholarly excellent students from the line of below poverty. Sneh is a friend and a strong support for the women empowerment collecting the socially backward women to improve and raise the strength of the women by making them self-dependent and providing them a collective group tasks to their financial support. Sneh supports the medical camps in remote and forest areas where the general medical facilities seldom reach. We also provide community service jobs for the unemployed group of youth who help with the organization work until they get their deserving job. They believe that community needs the help of self-rise but not a direct support i.e. the motto is to support the community to bring tasks and work so that the unemployed and the needy get the chance to earn their own bread by contributing their part of hard work to the society in that way no one is taking any favours from anyone and can lead a respectful life of honour.

Sneh promotes several initiatives like distributing sanitary napkins to women in the need for the same, they have distributed the same to more than 2500 girls alongside educating them and others about resorting to them for better hygiene. Sneh organises medical camps at several remote places and also extends their hand to the older citizens offering them medical assistance, comfortable living and loads of care. They are extending hand in the adoption of orphanages rather than starting with our own orphanage. With the mode of help to the orphanages being providing the basic needs like clothes/ uniforms, books, and other educational stationary, arranging medical facilities on periodic terms and providing vaccinations on the breakout of epidemics and in many possible ways we support the orphanages as per the need and situation. They promote women empowerment by providing them education alongside work opportunities, channelizing them into several business ventures and respectable job positions.

With their touch of love and care Sneh is planting the pillars of societal equality, economic independence and a holistic progress.  Through all these years Sneh has very prudently brought significant change in the society and continues to carry this golden legacy.

Their work is beyond appreciation. To read more about their inspirational work, visit Sneh Foundation today!

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