Pink: A Sign Of Hope

The Pink Foundation, India

Neha Devi on June 26, 2018 in Women Empowerment

Women and children are the heart of every society and it is by their presence and contribution that the society stays afloat. But day after day, the world is losing itself in the dark maze where this section of the society is subjected to continuous abuse and unaddressed needs. Violence and ignorance are the worst kinds of torture that have darkened their skies rendering them to the never-ending circle of pain and wreck.

One of the NGO named ‘The Pink Foundation’ based in Ahmedabad started in 2014 by Harmeet Dawar and cofounded by her sister Manmeet Dawar, took an initiative in lending a helping hand to the unprivileged section in their battle to live. The organization is dedicated mainly on empowering rural women and nourishing underprivileged children to take them out of a situation where their dreams are lost in hopelessness and sufferings.

Amalgamation of red and white, pink is a sign of hope, where the power of red softens with the purity and openness of white. The four E’s- entrepreneurship, employment, education and employment- are the main points of focus. It aims to witness an intellectual and clutch free India, where every child gets an opportunity to grow and all women are confident and self-sufficient. Envisioning education to literate the people trapped in the clutches of caste and who make decisions based on old practices, the NGO encourages slum women to being the sole bread earners of the family without being reliant on men. It undertakes numerous initiatives to uplift the unprivileged women by providing them opportunities to polish their talents and realize their potential.

The various projects undertaken by them are Project Swabhimaan that aims at developing entrepreneurial skills in slum women and people with disabilities so that they can earn a living, Sankalp Stitching, Project Diya, Employment Generation and many more. The focus areas for children are life skill-based education, vocational training programs, talent enhancement initiative and basic English lessons. Within the span of two years, the NGO has generated employment for 25 women and educated 50 children and aspires to do more of the good work in future. Its success is attributed to the dedicated employees and a strong team of volunteers who have great capabilities and motivation.

The major challenge faced by them is the lack of sufficient funds and lack of proper coordination, but despite this it has been continually progressing forward with the unmoving zeal to make the world a better place for the most important but unprivileged population. The good deeds of the NGO are supported by organizations like Hyatt Regency, InfoAnalytica, Government of Maharashtra, Gujarat Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Action Edge and many more.

NGOs like these who are taking on responsibility of implementing gender equality and women empowerment, shape the future of India, making it a place filled with opportunities and equality.

Their work is beyond appreciation. To read more about their inspirational work, visit The Pink Foundation today!

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