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Society for Transformation Inclusion and Recognition through Sports, India

Shreya Mehta on July 26, 2018 in Sports

Society for Transformation, Inclusion and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS) is a non-profit organization formed in 2000 by Siddhartha Upadhyay. It was formally registered in 2005. The organization’s mission is to create a support system for the underprivileged children, keeping sports at the epicenter.

The organization strives to exercise the right to play that every child is entitled to. They guide the youth of the nation towards a holistic development by devoting all their energy and rage into sports, health and skill development. STAIRS has become India’s largest organization to ensure the development of youth through sports. They have 400 training centers spread across 4000 villages in 7 states of India.

Since sports is a cost-efficient tool, it is used by the organization to achieve personal and community development. Their goal is to secure a meaningful life for the children (especially the underprivileged children) through sports and thus reap India’s potential and make India a sporting super power.

Various training camps, tournaments and championships are held at regular intervals to improve and perfect the skills of all the players. Sports is also seen as an employment enhancing skill that could be used as a tool to eradicate poverty and hunger. By providing optimum quality of equipment and infrastructure, all deserving candidates are provided opportunities at bigger tournaments at the state and national levels.

Various educational and health programmes are also organized for all the players. They are encouraged to maintain physical fitness and a positive personality in all their training programs. Academic assistance and scholarship are also provided to all the deserving students.

Once the children started engaging in sports, a distinct improvement was noticed in the attendance percentage at schools and their awareness about their health, wellness and hygiene enhanced.

STAIRS has been awarded and recognized by many organizations for its efforts and services rendered to the society. STAIRS was conferred with the Best NGO for Promoting Sports in 2015 by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). In 2016 it was awarded the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar by the President of India. STAIRS was also enlisted in the Steering Committee under Union Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for FIFA U-17 World Cup, BRICS U-17 Tournament and Mission XI Million Programme in 2017.

The popular program of the organization, Stairs School Football League is estimated to be the World’s largest talent scouting and training program. Over 100,000 footballers from 5000 schools participate each year. It is organized according to FIFA regulations and format. Government and various other stake holders come together to make the ‘right to play’ a reality. Awards are given to the winners by various invited dignitaries.

As part of the Khelo India program in 6 states, Taekwondo, Hockey, Football and Cricket are primarily taught and practiced. These programs namely UFLEX Khelo Dilli, Khelo Haryana, Khelo Himachal, Khelo Jharkhand, Khelo Orissa and Khelo UP also encourage individual development of the players, gender inequality and communication skills within the participants. Hostel facilities are also available at these centers for players who need the same. Coaching camps and games for the differently-abled are also conducted at regular intervals.

By understanding the talent that exists among India and nurturing them, STAIRS is creating opportunities and prospects for a better future. More than 20,000,00 lives have already been touched by the organization’s efforts.  The organization is steadily climbing its extent, with a goal to touch one billion lives by 2020.

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