Rebuilding Faith Among People

SAHER, India

Neha Devi on August 8, 2018 in Sports

In our society, the barriers of caste system, gap between rich and poor, religious conflicts, gender inequality, terrorism and many such problems have always kept us away from peace, prosperity and abundance. Our society is so busy juggling with these ever-prevailing man-made problems that it fails to realise that its foundation is not built upon these issues but it is built upon the right teachings on humanity and proper education to its children, to create an environment where all the little ones are taught their responsibilities towards their family, society and the world as a whole. In the fast pace of the world, people are forgetting their crucial responsibilities, crimes and egos have muted justice and fairness, thereby rendering our society on the feet of soulless despair. This is an issue of great concern as it threatens to destroy the very roots of our existence.

The Society for awareness, harmony and equal rights (SAHER) is an NGO that is ready and willing to fight the demons that have weakened our society. It aims at bringing down the boundaries of inequality through education and empowerment of the youth. It runs five core programs for people from colleges and communities to build in them acceptance and appreciation towards different aspects of the world, respect for all individuals and recognition of the difference that surrounds us. The programs provide a great opportunity for self-exploration while learning collectively through interactive and experiential methods so that the youth can get an easy kickstart to achieve their dreams and desires in the most effective and harmonious way. The organisation believes in taking small steps to make a bigger change, a change that unites the world and makes us one.

SAHER has started a Community Facilitation Centre that acts as a space for interaction among young girls and boys from across communities. Along with that, it runs a library to expose young people to different perspectives through reading. The vision is to transform it into an Information Resource Centre accessible to all.

It had provided relief material for the residents of Jogeshwari (East) and Kandivali (East) post the July 2005 floods in Mumbai and Adopted four schools in the area and provided educational materials to the children who had lost much in the floods. Apart from this, it collaborated with International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) for conducting workshops to explore the sentiments of various religious groups which have been co- residing in Jogeshwari for many years against the backdrop of communal violence. Through the good work, SAHER has proved to be a blessing in disguise for many lives.

If we have the opportunity to be generous with our hearts, we have no idea of the depth and breadth of love's reach.

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