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Gabby and Garrett Heller, USA

Hitaansh Gaur on December 27, 2018 in Sports

There are millions of non-profits around the world, but how do they all raise money? Most of them hold fundraisers or directly ask for donations, so what’s special about Chess4Charity? Instead of directly asking for money or selling items, they raise money to give to other charities through semi-annual chess tournaments. Individuals have to pay to participate in tournaments, pay for the food, and more. So far, they have raised money for charities such as the Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The entire non-profit and tournament is just run by two teenagers, Gabby and Garrett Heller. They thought of the idea in 2010 because both wanted to make a difference in their society, and that is exactly what the achieved. They had already both been to multiple chess tournaments, so they were easily able to recreate it. Although they were not expecting success at first, they realized every small donation they could make to a children's charity could make a difference.

They hold their tournaments in various schools in their local area, and their last tournament in 2016 was held at a nearby private school. There it was first opened by a speech from Sabina Foisor, the U.S Women's National Champion in 2017. They had people from all skills sets, beginners and lifetime players, playing against each other, learning, having fun, all while contributing to a good cause. Throughout all of their events, they have been able to raise $40,000 for charities just from the chess tournaments.

Chess4Charity has a significant impact on the community, as all the proceeds is donated to a charity that directly help families and families in need. Not only do they just donate to charities, they also constantly motivate people around them to come donate to good causes as well as start their own branches of charities. Gabby and Garrett continue to do this because they have a passion to help people in need around them. They love to put a smile on contestants faces and well as put a smile on people who are going through tough times.

They plan to expand their charity by opening more branches of Chess4Charity in other states and regions of the country. Along with that they inspire others to start fundraisers and non-profits, contributing to the cause even more. They are an example of just two kids who wanted to make a difference in their societies, and that is exactly what they achieved. All individuals can help them by either donating on their website(, volunteering at their next event in the Spring of 2019, or just showing up and playing at their tournament.

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