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Pro sport Development Trust, India

Neha Devi on June 23, 2018 in Sports

Today, Sports has become a very important constituent of socio-economic development of a country as it not only improves the health of people, builds discipline and enhance social cohesiveness but also contributes towards development of infrastructure, generation of employment and securing inflow of foreign capital.

In India, the government promotes the growth of numerous sports by allocating funds and encouraging the addition of sports to the education system. But the benefits of government efforts don’t uniformly reach to every sector of society due to the problems of corruption, unequal distribution of wealth, the caste system, discrimination, etc which have caused many dreams to be caged in the dark.

An NGO named ‘Pro Sport Development Trust’ founded by Suheil Tundon in 2013, took an initiative to curb the social issue of inequality by promoting sports culture in all sectors of the society. Suheil Tundon, along with support of elite athletes and sports professionals aims at developing youth by delivering them with well-structured and professionally conducted programs to improve their confidence and proficiency, helping them to find a life they want to live. The organisation focuses on empowering the youth from marginalized and rural background by providing them access to PE programs and thereby facilitating gender equality, motivation, determination and leadership skills. It strongly believes that the youth of our country are the seas of potential yet to be realized, patiently waiting for the waves of opportunities to unleash the storm of success.

The areas of work include Sports4Good- which focuses on inclusion of marginalized groups for PE and multi-sports programs, Training and Curriculum development- which aims at enhancing knowledge and awareness of coaches, PE teachers and community trainers through workshops, and Grassroots Sports Management- which ensures implementation of effective management of Sports programs and projects through strategy development, HR and management system, sports infrastructure, evaluation and digital media. These programs are planned in such a manner that it assists every level starting from coach to students to management and improves the effectiveness of work so that the targeted results are attained. The organisation has also been conducting different Sports events every year, some of which are weight lifting events, Athletes events, football events, International day of Sports for development and peace, Netball Camp 2016, catching volleyball challenge and women's Day. The events have seen large scale participation and enthusiasm from youth and adults, breaking the barriers of age and caste. The youth get the right training and encouragement to grow and build a career, contributing to the upliftment of the community thereby bringing advancement and equality in the country.

espite the day to day problems such lack of sufficient funds, lack of volunteers and lack of proper coordination, the NGO keeps on moving forward in its selfless efforts to bring the deserving youth under the shade of hope and growth, to secure their future along with the country's. With the noble deed, the organisation has successfully changed lives of numerous people who had dreams and splinters in their skin from their reality.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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