Pledge to stop one stranger from littering

Rasesh Seth

Rasesh Seth on August 12, 2017 in

That one hazard that’s universal and traverses regional boundaries is littering. 94% people have identified littering as a major environmental hazard. Moreover, national governments around the world have taken monumental strides (‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’ and ‘Clean Streets = Clean beaches’) to combat this demon that haunts the sanity and safety of people everywhere, but to no avail.

Not only does littering ruin the aesthetic value of a locality, but it also leads to a range of other problems that pose a grave threat to mankind. Millions of dollars have been spent to combat the issue of incorrect disposal of waste, with millions more due in the near future unless we find a permanent solution to this problem that eradicates this ill-habit right from the root.

Its imperative we understand that movements will not single-handedly create an impact, people will. This week, we, at the DeedIndeed Foundation, are back with yet another impactful pledge, a pledge that asks you to stop one stranger from littering the streets and explaining the harmful effects of doing so. This will be your attempt of safeguarding mother Earth and why not? Its your world, you need to take charge!

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