Pledge to Replace Plastic Bags with Paper Bags

Rasesh Seth

Rasesh Seth on August 6, 2017 in

Nature is choking, screaming for help. Ever thought of listening to it? Ever thought of letting it breathe? Think about being in a situation where you open the door and all you see is a giant heap of plastic bags. Even the thought of a situation like this is a claustrophobic one.

That’s the exact scenario we have created for our nature and the creatures living in it. But we never considered working for the cause. We are so busy and consumed in our daily life that we have stopped giving a second thought about our environment that we live in. The very environment that has been serving us since ages. That has always given but never asked for anything in return. The one that expects its children to protect it.
It’s high time that we finally reflect upon the lessons that were taught to us in our environment classes about how harmful these plastic bags are. The lessons that taught us that plastics cannot be decomposed.

So let’s stop the use of polythene bags and be a part of the solution.
As quoted famously, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” It is important that when we leave, we leave behind a beautiful place to live in, for our coming generations.
Take a pledge to start a movement of inspiration, youth empowerment and saying no to plastic bags. Use paper bags! Avoid plastic ones!

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