Pledge to stop a stranger from spitting!

Rasesh Seth on December 1, 2017 in

Painting is an art. We are all artists. But are we making art the right way? People painting the walls and floors in India with their spit has become an eyesore. It is not only about destroying the pavements, but also contaminating the area which unfortunately breeds more viruses and bacteria. Government laws and policies won’t do much until we ourselves take a step to speak against it. Maharashtra became the first state in India to establish an Anti-Spitting law. There have been times when we have wrinkled our nose to someone who spits out of a moving vehicle. Was there anything more we could have done in the matter? Do you spit in your house? No. Then why would you spit on the roads and make them dirty? Spitting in public is a habit that needs to change. It is high time that people realize that! Keep the city clean. Keep the nation clean. Stop spitting. Ask others to stop. Join hands for a cleaner and healthier nation. Pledge, today!

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