Keep Calm & Save Electricity!

Rasesh Seth on October 27, 2017 in

- Kanishtha Joshi

Electricity has proved out to be a great boon for the entire world. From removing darkness, to protecting us from heat and cold; electricity has its wide applications in every arena of our lives. Today we cannot imagine our lives without electricity.
Every field from engineering, entertainment, medical, construction and even education makes use of an ample amount of indisposable electric power.
This not only adds up to paying extravagant bills but also causes harm to the environment.

People nowadays are becoming more conscious and aware towards saving as much electricity as they can. Mostly, the reason is to reduce their bills. But each day you save electricity, it not only translates to adding money to your bank account, but also helps you conserve resources.

The whole point of saving electricity lies in the fact that electricity is generated from natural resources, the number of which is limited. Isn’t it our responsibility to make some changes that might literally, cost us nothing?

So, take a pledge to switch off all the fans, lights and any other electrical appliances that are not in use.

Here are a few tips for you:
-Turn off lights in the room when there is nobody. If you have a bad memory, write a note as a reminder and put it in a visible place at the entrance.
-Power down your computer and unplug it at the end of the day. Computers use a lot of energy, and when they stay plugged in you're wasting both energy and money.
-Make sure to check twice before leaving home to ensure that all the lights and fans are switched off.
-Try to arrange your workspace so that natural light floods your desk. Keep the overhead lights off when possible. When you need extra lighting, use a low-powered desk lamp instead.
-Did you know that appliances that are plugged in keep using energy even when they’re switched off? Unplug any appliances that are not in use.

Using these few helpful and easy tips learn to save electricity. Take a pledge to switch off all the appliances when not in use. Pay reduced bill. Save electricity. Let’s pledge!

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