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Katherine Hughes on December 19, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

While deployed, military servicemen and women give everything, including sometimes their lives, to fight for and defend their country. However, upon returning to their home country, servicemembers can have difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Veterans can face financial, physical or emotional difficulties, which are all compounded if the veteran cannot find a job. Over a million veterans are unemployed, and as more military members leave the armed forces in the upcoming years, this problem will likely get worse. Hire Our Heroes, an organization in Virginia, is attempting to solve this problem.

Hire Our Heroes was founded in 2012 by Veterans for Veterans, which is another organization dedicated to helping veterans adjust to civilian life after deployment. Dan Caporale, one of the Founders and the CEO of Hire Our Heroes, believes his organization provides the skills and opportunities needed to ease the transition. “The mission of Hire Our Heroes is to empower veterans and employers with the knowledge, skills and innovative tools necessary to optimize a strategic workforce… We will offer veterans a cost-free, best-in-class, transition experience. Hire Our Heroes secures opportunities for employment where our veteran population can cultivate their talents, traits, and attitudes,” he said.

After only six years, Hire Our Heroes has made some significant impacts. In 2017 and 2018, Hire Our Heroes was a Top-Rated nonprofit according to They also created the nationally recognized Hire a Veteran Day, which occurs each year on July 25th. Additionally, Hire Our Heroes has helped thousands of veterans and their spouses become certified in FedVTE, a cybersecurity platform, and Skillsoft, a platform for teaching coding and other important skills. However, Hire Our Heroes goes beyond providing job training for veterans: “We also have several initiatives to assist veterans with travel to job interviews cross-country.  We were aligned with Southwest Airlines to provide free flights in the past and now we are receiving donations to reignite the mission and provide flights, accommodations, interview preparation as well as attire,” Caporale says.

Hire Our Heroes hopes to continue on its progress in the past six years by improving access to more resources for veterans. “Having more avenues for free training, further resources to offer employment to vets and additional partnerships to advance our mission is something we seek daily,” Caporale said. He plans to reach out to similar organizations to better help veterans in more ways. Caporale believes that by doing this, Hire Our Heroes will become an even better resource for veterans in Virginia and throughout the U.S. and will continue to be a leader in veteran-focused nonprofits.

To provide these services for veterans, especially job preparation services, requires a lot of funding and support. You can become a volunteer at Hire Our Heroes by submitting a volunteer form at Additionally, you can donate individually or as a part of a fundraising campaign. Corporations can partner with Hire Our Heroes to support their mission as well.

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