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Indrajit Banerjee on June 1, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

Our country’s GDP is not merely controlled by being in the grasp of marginalised community members, it not only depends on the man leading the cabinet of government representation, the corporate community or the educated elite class of the society the dynamic growth but also depends on every single individual of our country irrespective of their caste, creed, political beliefs or economical statuses.  Reaching out to a more holistic development of the country every individual should step up to make their part of action and contribute to the growth of the country, myriad of people but they all must sail in the same ship that ship which leads to the island of an escalated GDP and better society.  In a world of extreme competition, it is of rarest occurrence that one lends their hand to other to get them into the ship but certainly no two are same, groups like Students Relief Society do exist who rather believe in walking and working together with the society as a whole.

Based in Rajasthan, SRS began as a Library. In 1978, 27 students launched an initiative to collect textbooks reducing academic costs for needy students. On “Gandhi Jayanti” 2nd October, 1980 the group became a legal entity under the Rajasthan Society’s Registration Act (1958). Thus, the Student’s Relief Society (S.R.S.) was born.  Through 1980s and 1990s SRS expanded significantly tagging new members on board as well as indulging into several projects.

For the new millennium SRS is mobilizing its nearly 38 years of experience to challenge illiteracy, poverty, gender inequality, poor health and environmental problems in its areas of action. The organization changed its strategy in 2006- project to programme-based approach was set to improve the quality of SRS’ services fortify the constructive effects of its development initiatives and maximize the sustainability of its efforts at the grassroots level. Health, Sanitation, Education, Livelihood, Natural Resource Management and most importantly Poverty Eradication are the areas where SRS is currently working in.

Rajasthan, a state which primarily deals with enough issues taking health into primary condition, taking measures for that is of utmost importance. SR Society is working in the 11 Districts of Rajasthan from last 36 years through participatory manner. From 1995, society started working on Water & Sanitation through village Water Sanitation Program and worked with UNICEF, GOI, and GOR. Shows, awareness campaigns and reform measures has been key to their ways of achieving their envisaged goals.

SRS set-up a primary school in Rampura-Unit, a village located 29 kilometres south of Jaipur. Society is maintaining the school with its own and charging a very nominal fee, i.e. Rs. 50 per student per year. Alongside they are providing vocational training to the youths of the country.  In Block Bhadesar Distt. Chittorgarh the organization is running a training centre at in District Chittorgarh, Rajasthan since 2007.

The organization facilitates women empowerment that goes parallel with microfinancing. Environmental and conservation issues are intricately tied to poverty, education, and health and subsequently to concerns of S.R. Society. The organization’s natural resource management activities aim at improving rural communities’ living standards by means of regeneration, protection and development of sustainable agriculture, and livestock/ pastureland - development and physical interventions.

With the help of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) and SBI, the organization is playing a role of facilitator for the internal lending within the group and serving villages.

With their goal being “Integrated Development of rural and urban areas to achieve quantitative and qualitative growth along with sustained positive change by adhering to the principles of self-development, unity, group dynamism and self-reliance along with optimum utilisation of available resources”, they certainly and quiet successfully have and continue to achieve their envisaged goals making development holistic and boosting the economy and social development scenarios of the country.

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