Reviving Our Fading Morals

Udhavi, India

Neha Devi on June 3, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

It is the branches of the trees that attracts the eye, however, it is the roots that nurtures its lushness. Similarly, the face of the society is represented not only by its youth but also by the value system brought by the elders that stabilizes the society. The elderly are the roots that help our souls in grasping the earth and withstanding the storm that comes our way. Unfortunately, today, the world is measured by words like ‘modernization’, ‘competitiveness’ and ‘development’, instead of ‘humanity’, ‘love’ and ‘respect’ which has shaken the roots and forced the tree of society to weaken. Despising, disrespecting and ill-treating our elders and abandoning them in the evening of their lives has become a part of modern culture.

While everyone turned a blind eye to this grave concern, Sabita Radhakrishna, a prudent woman, took the initiative to help the elders live a life filled with tranquility and respect. In the memory of her deceased daughter, she established an NGO named ‘Udhavi’ on 13th August 2013 in Chennai, where the needs of the seniors who reached out to them were addressed.

This NGO strongly believes that a small act of kindness is all it takes to make a big difference in someone’s life. The organization started small, but with the pass of time, was supported by many acquiescent volunteers ranging from the age of 18-88, both individuals and organizations like Dignity Foundation. These trained volunteers design activities and resolve issues to make the lives of elders as easy as possible. They take up small errands such as helping the elderly take a walk to the beach, take them to the temple, to concerts, to short shopping sprees and much more. They offer assistance in using the modern-day technology like the mobile phones, computer and internet, and also help them use Skype to talk to their children living abroad. They lend them a hand in visiting banks and in learning certain functions which might be difficult for them to understand. The NGO encounters numerous obstacles in their day to day working such as the lack of workforce, uncooperative volunteers, lack of commitment and lack of permanent office. Despite the weight of such barriers, this exemplary organization continues to extend their warm service to the most important but ignored part of the society.

The organization was awarded with Probus Award on International Women’s day for their meritorious act of kindness in reviving the fading moral values and ethics. This philanthropic organization has been successfully fulfilling the greatest responsibility- caring for seniors, who have walked before us and made life so much more enjoyable for us today.

Elders are not ‘obsolete’, but they are the gold mines of experience, knowledge and wisdom, and thus, they deserve true appreciation, respect and care.

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