HIV+ Children of Rajasthan

Rays Aasha Ki Ek Kiran, India

Indrajit Banerjee on May 16, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

Pernicious, noxious, destructively hazardous and the list goes on with all sorts of negative words whenever the word of the disease of “HIV” dawns in the back of the head of an individual and this very cloud of antagonism fuels the plight of the people dealing with the infection caused owing to the human immunodeficiency virus. Those are the people who are left into the darkest lanes of society and are torn apart from the social fabric of interaction, empowerment, respect and opportunities.  People from that sodality are marginalized and face the heights of discrimination. In 35% of countries with available data, over 50% of people report having discriminatory attitudes towards people living with HIV.

But thanks to all the people and groups who believe in humanity and in weaving and restoring the tender fabric of equality and cooperation catering a better life for the affected people. With this wave in mind and benevolence in heart, driven by sheer willpower an NGO named Rays-Asha ki ek kiran is contributing to social upliftment, escalating a better and brighter future of the HIV+ children in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Formed in 2010 to address the cause of  coming into the aid of HIV+ children it currently is a sweet home to  more than 50 children aged primarily between 3 to 17 offering them quality education, proper medication , holistic nourishment and tons of care. Children are escalated to venture into several extracurricular activities like dance, music, art and craft, yoga along with occasional travel around the country mainly during academic layoffs with attending regular schools being a compulsion.  Daily activities of the students in general include attending classes, yoga sessions, sports sessions and proper nourishing meals. Rays partners with Rawat School which is entrusted to provide these students with high state educational facilities.

Backed by a highly dedicated team of volunteers, including three Brazilian girls, one Mexican and two Afghan boys and more from abroad as well as from various parts of our country who are quiet sensitive to the children requirements offering them quality services providing them a healthy and joyous life, this NGO focuses on gifting wings to their kids so that their dreams can bloom into reality.  NGO Rays believes in their motto of “The children’s vision about their own future and the desire to make their dreams come true”.   In order to achieve this ,potent volunteers are deployed and are given their own freedom at work  moreover, the longing to contribute to the society and eradicate the deplorable conditions of the affected kids. This keeps them integrated and engaged in the work  thus, building up an impeccable workforce. To promote the NGO, volunteers involve into various activities including occasional fairs and an annual bikeathon with more than 350 bikers taking part in it willingly and the participation clearly points to the existence of open minded, liberal people in our society.

Being engaged into a sensitive issue like this is not an easy job for all, breaking the cloud of misconceptions, manipulations and stepping up tall with an organisation as grand as this is a matter of headlong courage and wisdom. Yashasvi Bajaj, a former volunteer rightly says “Come meet and help our kids instead of monetary donations, it’s time that we enlighten our mindset and break the stereotype in the process”.  President Gurinder Virk is optimistic about taking this shared journey towards a definite destination. The measures and ideologies of this organisation clearly points to an extremely positive outcome and contribution to our country.

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