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Kushal Chand on October 13, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

It is not every day you come across an organization which has some uncommon ideas in their role towards the society. There are many who take up some of the known issues of the world and work towards them. But Sare Jahan Se Acha stands out from the rest by taking up the unnoticed problems in the society.

Do you ever think before you spit? Many of us are totally unaware of the effects of spitting in public places. It has become a habit for many people that they do it so casually without even considering their surroundings. The worst case of spitting is the ones who chew tobacco. First, I think no one would be willing to be affected by Leukoplakia, oral cancer which is common among tobacco consumers and the spread of diseases does not stop here, the saliva which we spit is so harmful that it is the main reason behind the spread of Tuberculosis (TB). Reports say that there are nearly 1 million cases of TB per year in India. The organization has recognized these ill effects of spitting and started a campaign called Spit Free India.

We usually come across signs of “No smoking” in public places but Sare Jahan Se Acha conducts Spit Free India Campaigns in which an awareness on the effects of spitting is conducted and at the end of the presentation the audience has to take an oath that they won’t spit in public places. They conduct these campaigns in schools, outside colleges, malls, railway stations, among others. Talking to Ms. Priti Raja from the Organization, she believes that “If we pass this message to the parents there won’t be a huge impact as we expect it to be. Hence we go to schools so that their children take this message home and there is a change in their parents’ perspective.” Spit Free India is the organization’s first initiative and it has been three years since the program has started. “Have you ever tried spitting on yourself? Then, why spit on Mother Earth?” quotes their spit-free India page.

The next project started by them is called Indies. There are many people on the planet who don’t have a feeling of empathy towards animals. But the organization has been able to form a team of volunteers in each city, who are involved in taking care of the stray dogs in their locality. And what is so different about this project is people, create apps for so many different reasons, there are apps for social networking, photo editing, sleep monitoring and you name it. But have you ever thought of a social networking app which hosts PROFILE OF STRAY DOGS? The organization has come up with this idea and they maintain information about the dogs, whether it is sterilized or not, if the dog has had food on a particular day or if the dog is sick or what type medication is the dog undergoing. The data collected about the dogs are used to sterilize the dogs and they also share this data with corporates in case they wish to conduct a sterilization program for the dogs of a particular area.

We couldn’t have imagined that technology could be used in such beneficial ways that would help humans and their best friends also. But it doesn’t stop here, they have planned to exploit technology as efficiently as possible.

One of their future initiatives called REUNITE aims at helping senior citizens who have been separated from their family because of their forgetfulness. The project aims at providing BRACELETS to the senior citizens of our country. “These bracelets will contain NFC chips, which will enable anyone with a smartphone to scan it and get the details about the family members of the person wearing it, this will be of great help to the police department also,” says Ms. Priti. One could have never thought of such a good deed in the country for the well-being of our grandparents. I was awestruck when I heard this plan from her because I am very passionate about technology myself and I was thinking why didn't I get this kind of idea. “We have already made a fully functional application ready for the project and it will be launched in the near future.”

There are so many other activities the organization is performing, one of which is called PRERNA. They collect stories from people who are doing something good to the society. “We invite people to our studio and have a live chat with them about their deeds, what inspired them to spread goodness in the society and what message they give to others. These video clips are uploaded on our official YouTube channel ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha’.”

When asked about the most inspiring stories she has heard through this series, she narrated an incident which was so heartwarming, that it could melt any cold heart out there. So, she told me about a fighter from Indian Army who was fighting at our nation’s border and during which he lost one of his legs. “And this gentleman has not yet informed his family about his loss.”, I felt so much pride towards the valor of this great Army Officer. “In one of his statement, he said me that except for his wife his family has not seen his artificial limb. He is still the same person for his family when he left them. He is thankful for the Indian Army to allow him to serve the nation despite his artificial limb, which was given to him by the infirmary created especially for the Indian Army.”

There is another problem that the organization has touched upon which is regarding the disposal of the sanitary pads. There are so many young ladies in our country who are completely heedless when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene by disposing of sanitary pads in the right way, usage of pads made of biodegradable material. “So, to spread awareness about this we have developed a program which is named Har Mahina Har Mahila,” says Ms. Priti. This program has been developed for girls who are about to attain their puberty, girl who have already attained puberty and women. Explaining about the program she says that “We are planning to make educational videos, which will be sent to activists of the target area, as it will be difficult for volunteers to visit each region of the country and these videos will be played in classrooms of schools, so that girls get an idea about what is puberty, what are the changes they can expect and making them mentally ready to face these changes and teaching them how to dispose the napkins in a hygienic manner.” The organization will also try to rope in manufacturers of eco-friendly pads so that they get a platform through which their products can be used by the consumers and this will also reduce the usage of napkins made up of plastic.

There is goodness in everyone. And they found an auto driver of Pune, who is not only serving others by making it easy for people to reach their destination but he is also helping youngsters who are new to Pune by ensuring the safety of students who are out in the city late night. So, he is doing his part in saving the dignity of the girl child. Her message for everyone out there reading this article is “Goodness is there in everyone. One must not wait for the opportunity to have money in your pocket to do some good deed. Helping someone in crossing the road, empathizing with someone who hasn’t had a meal, or you see an injured animal, if we take one step towards doing something good for anyone in need any kind of help, we are not only solving their problem but also developing a very kind heart in ourselves. You don’t have to be a big organization to perform a small good deed, God has gifted this quality of goodness in everyone.”

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