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Anushka Tyagi on November 13, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

From crowd funding for the recent catastrophic Kerala floods, education of a sex worker’s daughter in the prestigious New York University, to even having done a crowdfunding campaign for a pizza, KETTO, Asia’s largest online crowdfunding platform, has come a long way. Founded in 2012 by Mr. Varun Sheth (featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Fortune 40 under 40), Mr. Kunal Kapoor (actor), and Mr. Zaheer Adenwala (chief technological officer), KETTO believes in every little charitable cause that works towards the benefit and welfare of the people and the community as a whole. It provides a platform and executes fundraisers for a network of 2000+ NGO’s which support causes like children’s health, animal welfare, women empowerment, technology, creativity, sports and education.

The main intention behind KETTO is to provide a platform where people could raise funds for a variety of causes. It is essentially a forum that connects a charitable cause to an audience it appears most promising to. Log on to its website and you will find several ongoing fundraisers, supporting causes such as buying a wheelchair accessible car for someone who needs it, or an expedition to Mt. Nun, to funding for the treatment for someone with Neuroblastoma. It’s like a Walmart for fundraising, with so many options to support, aid and make all regular people feel like superheroes for saving the life and livelihood of someone. KETTO believes in providing a transparent interface between the organization and its participants. What goes behind in maintaining KETTO as Asia’s largest online crowdfunding is a group of hardworking individuals. They survey, collecting information from people, and make it producible in the form of photos, videos and interviews, demonstrate, campaign, and manage the public and private interfaces.

“Challenges are a vital part of work and my work should allow me to grow. I have to be better than what I was yesterday to avoid feeling stagnant. My work requires a better version of me, every day, and that helps me become a better entrepreneur and a person. It’s a blessing. Crowd funding is a rapidly changing concept which has found its home in today’s world, though it requires a lot of homework & research, it is capable of quickly raising huge amounts”, says Varun. On questioning him about a case closest to his heart, he narrated a story about Ashwini, daughter of a sex worker in one of the largest red-light areas of Mumbai, Kamathipura. She spent 8 years of her life in the shadow of a mother who would beat her black and blue for trivial things. At the age of 8, she was sent to a Christian hostel where starvation and physical assault were the solution to any minor breakage of rules. Her life had become a living travesty. One day, she followed a few of her friends in running away from their hostel to a place called ‘Kranti’, which she described as the best decision she had taken in her life. This was her second shot at life. At Kranti, she learnt about art, dance and various other forms of therapy which helped her rehabilitate. She went onto volunteer at other institutions as well, such as the Cancer Treatment Programme at the prestigious Tata Memorial hospital. She travelled across the country, taking classes in photography in West Bengal and helping NGO’s in Gujarat. Meanwhile, she realized that her passion was in art therapy. She started performing it for people who have been through the travesties of life and find it difficult to express. She applied at New York University and got in with a scholarship covering her entire tuition fee. The police and nuns from the hostel might still be running behind her, but she has already set her wings free and is flying high in the blue skies!

With Kunal Kapoor being a co – founder, it gets ample attention from the fraternity of celebrated B town stars. Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan contributed to the fundraising of T 1496 and Hrithik Roshan, who organized a raiser for the victims of Jammu & Kashmir floods. Next in line are Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor who created a campaign to create awareness about women health and sanitation and the use of a sanitary napkin being an imperative, and several more! It also garnered the attention of the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli, who helped in the campaign for patriot dogs, and Anushka Sharma, who campaigned for #SaveNepal. Ex Union Minister, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, used it to help raise funds for a cancer battle of a boy The Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, used it to support the #PRJA4Manipur movement.

KETTO has managed to grow to 25,00,000+ supporters and over 80,000+ fundraisers have helped raise 300+ crores. And it doesn’t stop there, it has plans to form a network of 2,50,00,000 people over the globe by 2024, inspiring and touching the lives of several individuals, many at a time.

We appreciate their innovative approach and hard work for the betterment of society. If you wish to know more, donate, or volunteer then visit Ketto right now!

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