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Indrajit Banerjee on June 20, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

Society can only trace the path of fulfilling returns if the integrity is maintained, if and only if people from all strata contribute to the sustained development of the country.  A lot of potential rests in the palms of the so-considered underprivileged section of the country, which when channelized rightfully can bring in great financial achievements and add volume in the country’s growth. In the world driven by personal growth thinking mentality, hardly it happens when somebody lends their hand to someone considered as unprivileged.  But some people do stand up to fill in the void that exists and attempts to bridge the gap between the elite and the poor thereby trying to achieve a holistic development where everybody contributes.

One such group is the Mahashakti Foundation, who is toiling hard so that societal justice in terms of equality can be established.  They aim at creating an egalitarian society of economic independence, a society where peace prevails and a society which sails in the ship of empowerment of all. Their mission is to organize the poor, build up their capacities and provide them access to relevant sustainable livelihood development services with dignity and transparency. In order to achieve their envisaged goals, they intervene into the upliftment scenario of the downtrodden by contributing in the sectors of education, health care, environment protection.

Currently the unit monitors its operations over ten different places in the state of Orissa and have successfully completed 10 years of societal service.  The unit is engaged into subjects like women empowerment, livelihood development, renewable energy, housing, health and sanitation projects.  Mahashakti has tied up with ACC Ltd. and started a CSR initiative project at Dungri village of the Ambabhona block of Bargarh, Odisha. The project mainly focuses on improving the socio-economic conditions of the poor households of the peripheral villages of the Dungri Limestone mines, by extending livelihood know-how and infrastructural support. Mahashakti along with ACC Ltd. has conducted many programmes that relates to and addresses many issues such as, AIDS awareness, sexual and reproductive health education, Natural resource management, Cattle rearing, Fishery, Animal husbandry, Community development, Financial literacy, Adult Education and the like.

Many convergence programmes with the Govt. have been leveraged since the inception of this project. There have been many programmes organized that deals with Youth, Women, Farmers, and School going children as well.  They are providing financial literacy training to feminine folks, currently covering 187 villages in Orissa.  Women are also exposed to capability building projects to enhance their economic independence.  Renewable Energy Project covers around 80,000 households from M. Rampur, Th. Rampur, Narla, and Lanjigarh Blocks of Kalahandi District in Odisha. With this project Mahashakti aims to provide electric service in the remote areas that are currently un-served and or having higher power cut.  The project has already been completed Installing 42 Solar grids in 39 inaccessible tribal villages of Western Odisha covering 1297 households. Every connected household now can avail 6-8 hours of solar lights in 2 separate rooms during evening. With the provision of solar grids the villages can now meet all of the energy requirements. They provide several financial loans for credit systems as well as technical and financial support to the people for building or repairing their houses. House repairing loan to more than 1000 houses has been released for the benefit of poor households in Kalahandi and Nuapada districts.

NGO Mahashakti finds assistance in the hands of top corporates like LIC, Yes Bank, State Bank of India, Acc, Aditya Birla Group and a dozen more.   With enormous efforts being put from each and every member of the humongous and ever-growing team, Mahashakti continues to prove to be an exponential factor and role player in country’s growth as it has done so for the past decade and continues to do so.

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