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Navjyoti India Foundation, India

Ankita Sinha on July 2, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

The formation of a civilised and prosperous society is never an easy job. It takes decades, sometimes even centuries, of consistent hard work and untiring will to come up with results. Development that is visible on the surface can be easily aspired for, but development is development in its true sense only when it is all-inclusive. For it takes a lot of iron, going into the darkest and dingiest of corners of the society, pulling people out of their misery and showing them the face of daylight, and only a soul that is fully aware, informed and armed with the right resources can perform it efficiently.

That is exactly why we put so much emphasis on the importance of quality education every now and then. Only an educated soul can educate another, only an uplifted one can uplift another.

On such tale is that of Navjyoti India Foundation, a non-profitable organisation led by India’s first female IPS officer Dr. Kiran Bedi since 1988. Navjyoti foundation has, over the past 3 decades, uprooted countless social evils in various localities of Delhi and reformed lacks of life.

The very first of Navjyoti’s missions was to address the problem of rampant drug and alcohol addiction and put a stop to the vicious cycle of inefficiency, lack of education, poverty and high-flying crime rates. Dr. Kiran Bedi and her team from Delhi police identified drug peddlers and addicts in the form of men, women, youth and even children who were active participants in the intoxication market and entered them into proper rehabilitation and counselling. But merely uprooting the weed was not the solution. The healthy plants were to be sown as well. To ensure a better life and refrain these people from turning back downhill, Navjyoti foundation took efficient steps in the field of education and employment for these poverty-stricken people.

After three decades of untiring efforts, Navjyoti has gifted hope and upliftment to countless people in the areas of Delhi/NCR that include Nayagaon, Bawana, Karala and Jahangirpuri. Its initiatives today include remedial education that aims to identify vulnerable children and prevent them from dropping out of school at a young age to get involved in petty crimes. The foundation has established a Bal/Yuva Gurukul in the Bawana area of Delhi that aims to make good quality education accessible to all. Besides, community college launched in 2010 avails skill training programs for the youth, thus bridging the gap between education and employability, simultaneously adding to the human capital of India as well.

Taking a few steps towards women empowerment, the foundation has lent support to the unfortunate women of rural Haryana. With financial support and motivation from the foundation, these women now run their own self-help groups and have achieved financial stability and mobility by learning life and business skills and setting up their own local ventures. These women, with the hand lent by the foundation formed a federation called ‘Jagrit Nari’ in 2007.

The foundation has taken effective measures about environmental concerns as well. The activities in this area include educating the people about organic farming, sanitation, making use of unconventional energy sources like solar energy and importance of water. The efforts have led to many people opting for a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

One person at a time, Navjyoti foundation has transformed the face of poor and underprivileged India. The greatest of its feats, however, has been in the field of drug dependency reduction and re-habilitation, which has led the foundation for all its initiatives. Apart from revolutionising the face of development in rural Delhi, there is one more revolution that Dr. Kiran Bedi and her team have brought about. That revolution is that of thought and of inspiration, that sets an example over and over again and sows the seed of goodness in people to work for better.

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