Path of Escalation for Rural India

Jeevandhara Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha, India

Indrajit Banerjee on June 8, 2018 in Health & Sanitation

Lands can be conquered but lives can’t be, a country with people not integrated is a country which can never trace the trajectory of advancements and prosperity. A country evolves when people irrespective of their sect collaborate to the overall, holistic development of the country. Bringing  significant positive change not only lies in the hands of the elite class but also the power rests in the pockets of the people whom we term as the marginalised , impoverished, those who haven’t been exposed to the societal privileges as their counterparts have been.  Empowering them and gifting them the path for escalation is what is the need of the hour and groups like Jeevandhara Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha are doing exactly the same.

Established in the year 2007, Jeevandhara Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha is an NGO based in Mumbai who works in the area of Health & Nutrition, Education, Agriculture & Livelihood, Community Mobilization, Children, Tribal Welfare, Childs, Women’s and Rural Development & Empowerment, Youth Affairs, Art & Culture, Multipurpose Social as well as charitable activities running Organization.  The NGO Jeevandhara is a grassroots execution foundation, operating with the single-minded focus of empowering Rural India aiming to create a model of sustainable development which can be replicated at scale. The NGO focuses on holistic development covering all aspects of individual and community development. One of its primary focus is the sector of health and nutrition, the NGO wants to ensure universal access to public and private health care services for its rural communities keeping in mind how the country is under the grasp of a widespread malnourishment scenario.  Alongside empowering 8,248 self-help groups and 720 governance groups located in 4,124 village hamlets of 720 Gram Panchayats by allowing the community to identify its needs and promoting community interests, good leadership & democratic decision-making for better governance is one of their goals.  In the next five years this NGO is estimated to impact a million lives by setting up around an estimated number of 2,700 schools, 40,000 toilets, 2,500 SRM's and 8,250 self-help groups. The group focuses on eradicating illiteracy from the society and aims at educating the not so privileged children of the society thereby escalating them to achieve their dreams. This unit also incorporates their standard education with vocational training that adds up to one’s skill enhancement and also accelerating their employability scenario. Through this they aim at converting the rural people into skilful employees and entrepreneurs.  Deeply concerned about the water scarcity scenario that currently prevails in the state of Maharashtra, they are keen to solve this issue primarily in the rural parts of the state so that there can be an overall upliftment in the state. In order to chalk out plans for the same the NGO has already resorted to methods like using potable water, rainwater harvesting and underground water storage.  Parallel to this issue goes on addressing the issue of irrigation by means of proper equipment’s installation to introducing better fertilizers, nutrients and sprinklers.

Through their motives and ways to achieve their envisaged goals NGO Jeevandhara is doing a humongous task to escalate the progress of the country and also setting live examples in front of peoples naked eyes inspiring them to work for the same goal.

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