Small Things Make a Big Difference

Rotary, Northern Virginia

Hitaansh Gaur on March 11, 2019 in Food & Shelter

Although it may sound like a technology related organization, Rotary is actually a community service organization at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). Its main idea is to focus on global and national issues, with a large focus on local impact. It does local community service projects in the small amount of time in just 45 minutes during their weekly meetings. There are productive and collaborate effectively, while gaining a sense of fulfillment through community service projects. An important thing to Rotary is that it gives a way to contribute to the society through fun and meaningful activities.

A recent project Rotary student members took part of was making Christmas tree decorations. How can Christmas decorations help the community? The Christmas decorations were made to be put in Christmas trees at pediatrics and hospitals. Families who have to spend their time during the holidays at the hospital, instead of have a bland tree to look at, have an amazing flavorful tree filled with multiple creative decorations. This is an example of how Rotary offers a way to make small, meaningful impacts on the community.

Rotary is an international organization, with multiple branches around the world. The chapter at TJHSST is a child branch of the official Rotary branch at Falls Church, Virginia. A project that the Rotary chapter is planning to do is called the “Shelterbox Initiative”. There it provides a place for people to go if they are homeless or displaced, mainly by natural disasters. This is already in place by the international Rotary organization in Indonesia, where they used this exact tactic to help and reach out to people. If someone is going through rough times, they could always to go the Shelterbox places to help them get through them. It offers a way to deliver dignity to people who are displaced by these disasters.

Rotary has been at TJHSST for around 7-8 years, and it plans to expand more to the best of its ability. The biggest thing it could have is more involvement from TJHSST students. Although it is currently maxed out with 25 students, they want to increase that number so they can reach more people and educate them about local issues. The TJHSST chapter does important community service work, and it achieves it with enjoyable and interesting activities. To help Rotary, people should interact with the organization more and talk to its leaders. Specifically at TJHSST, people should show up to the meetings when there is a chance. Along with that, anyone can suggest ideas directly to Rohan Arora by FaceBook or at the official Rotary website (

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