Pehchan: Stop Discrimination and Violence

Shakti Shalini, India

Aayushi Kumari on June 13, 2018 in Food & Shelter

India sees an increasing percentage in rape cases, domestic violence, and biasness based on gender, suppressing LGBT community with the passing years and when it comes about taking an action, the youth is busy in protests and candle marches.

But, Shakti Shalini realised that the brutality needs to be stopped and strict actions are required for the same. Formed in 1987, the Non-Government Organisation Shakti Shalini empowers the women to fight for their rights. The Delhi based NGO works against every kind of Gender based and Sexual violence.

Gender discrimination and violence has its root within households and in the depth of society which is rusting the morals of the country and making its’ part of population feel unsafe. Shakti Shalini attempts to address gender violence from multiple directions.

Shakti Shalini divides its strategies into two parts, one being the Response Mechanism that aims to provide counseling services and shelters to the ones who are victim of the violence. Other being Preventive Mechanism, which includes programs of community outreach, vocational training, remedial education and creating social change through the form of art.

‘Pehchan’, meaning ‘identity, is Shakti Shalini’s shelter home for women in distress. It can provide shelter to ten women with their children at a given point of time. However, post sunset, Shakti Shalini accommodates any woman who is in need of help at “Pehchan” on a short-term basis even at full capacity. The duration of a woman’s stay at Pehchan is determined by her own individual need. The Crisis Intervention and Counseling Center (CICC) provides counseling, mental and physical healthcare, legal and litigation aid and rehabilitation services to survivors. The services provided at CICC may be availed by an individual of any gender or sexual orientation. In partnership with Delhi Commission for Women, Shakti Shalini bears responsibility for facilitating all gender/sexual violence cases at fifteen police stations across South-East Delhi.

Kendra (KVK) or Skills Development Centre for Combating Gender Violence provides vocational training to all communities as well as the residents of Pehchan Shelter Home. KVK combines economic development/ independence with gender sensitisation and equality.

Educational Enhancement programs consist of a varying range of internships that focus on training independent interns and university students who aspire to become social workers. Annually, Shakti Shalini facilitates the grassroot and practical education of various individuals who may become professional, motivated and strong social workers bringing about social change and gender equality.

Darmiyan is a creative literature publication hosted by Shakti Shalini. It publishes the life narratives of individuals who have endured, resisted, fought and survived various forms of violence and found support through Shakti Shalini. Darmiyan also hosts poetry, short stories, essays and articles addressing the cause of gender equality.

Shakti Shalini was started as a healing process for two mothers who had lost their daughters to a horrifying death. Ms. Satyarani Chadha and Ms. Shahjahan began Shakti Shalini in 1987 when their daughters were burnt alive by their in-laws due to insufficient dowry. The brutal murders of their daughters forced the mothers into a fierce battle against gender violence and that is how Shakti Shalini was formed and now it had spread its helpful hand to around 50,000 people.

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