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Hitaansh Gaur on February 21, 2019 in Food & Shelter

Natural Disasters happen all across the world, almost every day, especially in places outside of the United States. Unfortunately, a response to these devastating disasters is often slow and inadequate to the people who need it. Team Rubicon attempts to fix that by incorporating veterans whose disaster response skills are professional, along with fast response times and large amounts of resources. It gives veterans a job and a way of life, while also providing a quick and adequate response.

Team Rubicon was formed in California in 2010, when there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. Two marines who were devastated by the fact that traditional disaster-response organizations were taking tremendous amounts of time, formed a team of volunteers and went to Haiti to help out the people in need. They were more effective than traditional response teams because their volunteers were mainly veterans, people who have years of dedication to medical and leadership skills developed in the military. This one operation led to the creation of a large worldwide organization that helps people to this day.

Along with focusing on large, international disasters Team Rubicon also aims to help individual families or lives of veterans across the world. An example of this would be how Team Rubicon helped Raymond Cooper, a 72 year old veteran, to improve his home. Raymond was suffering from leaks in the roof, meaning that everything inside of his home was wet and moldy. When Team Rubicon heard of this, they showed up to Raymond's house and fixed everything for him. From completely repairing the roof, to even buying him new furniture and a fridge, Team Rubicon drastically improved this veterans life and home.

Along with just responding to disasters by providing materials and helping veterans, Team Rubicon executes long-term projects such as rebuilding homes in Puerto Rico that were destroyed from Hurricane Maria. This is where Team Rubicon truly shines because they decided to stay for longer than average, and helped rebuild entire communities. This is something traditional response teams don’t do. Instead traditional response teams sometimes only help by cleaning up or giving resources, not completely re-building the community that was torn down.

The biggest thing Team Rubicon takes pride in, is the fact that most of their volunteers are veterans. Veterans, when switching from military to civilian life, have a hard time and find it difficult to get a purpose in life again. The desire to serve one's country truly never die in a veteran Team Rubicon believes. This is why Team Rubicon is there, it allows for veterans to have a purpose once again and serve their country with pride. Their official motto is, “Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.”

Everyday people can help Team Rubicon by donating on their website, (, signing up to be a volunteer for their disaster response missions, or just by staying in touch with them through their social media.

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