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Kushal Chand on January 7, 2019 in Food & Shelter

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

When you travel across India you will find many children and just by looking at their physical appearance you can come to a conclusion that these children are malnourished. It is such a grave site to see small children whose ribs are blatantly visible to us. Despite of these situations and other situations where pregnant women do not get adequate amount of nutrients in the country, there is not much done to ameliorate the conditions of these food deprived beings.

Voll Sante is a company which is dedicated to improve the quality of food we intake and they also work towards conducting food distribution campaigns in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The company’s name is derived from two languages: Voll which means Full in German and Sante which means Health in French. They not only possess a unique name but also have an ideology which is uncommon among other companies. “We strongly believe in ‘Food as Medicine’ and are working towards providing services to the consumers, through which we can improve the nutritional value in our products so that we have some contribution in enhancing the vigor and wellbeing of the individuals who consume our products” is what Mr. Sarvesh said me during our conversation. In recent times people have started to believe and take Medicine as Food and Voll Sante is here to change that attitude.

There have been many cases all over the world where a person is completely dependent on his daily doses of medicine for his survival rather than being dependent on what he/she eats. Instead of solving a deficiency in certain vitamins or nutrients by maintaining a balanced diet, the human race is heading to seek doctors help in fixing this issue. We have lost the importance of the consumption of healthy food. Many individuals are not even focused about what is in their plate and what are they consuming, they are pretty much lost in their smart devices. These conditions could lead to a very high increase in the number of visits to a doctor if they are not brought under control.

“Poor diets pose a greater risk to our health than alcohol, tobacco, drugs and unsafe sex combined, according to the report by the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition. We are also badly deprived of Protein which is very essential for the growth of a child. Around 73% of urban rich India is protein deficient.” Protein deficiency is also found in many pregnant and lactating women which leads to Low Birth Weight (LBW) babies. The records say that in India 24-39% of new borns are under weight. Our company is financially supporting pregnant women who come are not able to afford protein rich food. “We are working hard to alleviate the sufferings of such women and their children, as we don’t want the future of India to be weak even before they are born.”

The company has recently launched Protein Diskettes and Multi Grain Flakes with DHA. These products are rich in various resources, the muesli is rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Trans fat and Cholesterol free. All these are very beneficial for the body in terms of maintaining bone health, enhancing the formation of Red Blood Cells, preventing the loss of Neurons. The Diskettes boast 32% of Protein, which is a very high source of protein. Now one may think that healthy products are not tasty and always affordable, but this does not apply to Voll Sante’s range of products. These products can be bought online or offline and they are also recommended by doctors and dietitians, hence you don’t have to be dubious about the credibility of the item you are buying from Voll Sante.

“We have launched these products to ensure that there is nutritional balance in our food. Apart from this we regularly conduct mid-day meals program in a few states across the country and we were also supplying Ready to eat cereals along with milk to the victims in the recent Kerala floods.” The company collaborated with Robin Hood Army to conduct a nutrition drive in the second week of December 2018. The drive which took place in Orphanages, Churches, on the streets of Mumbai and Delhi was conducted to distribute bottled milk so that the underprivileged are benefitted. “We were successful in distributing milk to over 12000 people in these cities.”

With one goal in mind which concerns about people’s health, this company is not only producing products which will improve our diet but they are also involved in helping the underprivileged, who do not have access to healthy food. They believe that through these measures there will be economic development in the country and the nation will be on a path of glory when its citizens are HEALTHY.

We loved and appreciate the innovative approach as well as the hard work for the betterment of this planet by the Voll Sante team. If you wish to know more about them, their products then visit their website now!

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