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No Hungry Child, India

Neha Devi on July 9, 2018 in Food & Shelter

The young hearts are the sunbeams that brighten our world and beautify our future. They deserve utmost attention and proper guidance, as they will walk on the path paved by the present generation, they will write the future. But regrettable is the situation faced by the young children in today's world. Where the gap between rich and poor is going sky high and problems such as corruption, child abuse, rape, accidents and crimes have shaken the world, the storm in the life of the little children is untied.

Food is the most basic and vital part of life as it helps in survival and proper functioning of the body. But this very necessity has been ruthlessly snatched away from roughly 805 million people around the globe, 1/3rd of who reside in India. Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day, most of which are children below the age of 5. Despite the improvement in health sector since the independence and a growth rate of 8 percent in recent years, malnutrition has remained a wordless plight in India. Almost 50 percent of Indian children are underweight and more than 70 percent of the women and children suffer from serious nutritional deficiencies such as anaemia.

Mr. V Sridhar, a philanthropist, gave up his corporate career in 2000, to dedicate his life to a greater cause of serving this disadvantaged part of the society. He started a concept of ‘Nutritious Meal Program’ in Bangalore to provide daily meals to many underprivileged children belonging to rural backgrounds. He realised that this altruistic initiative should be spread across the state, the nation and then the rest of the world. The project 'No Hungry Child' is established by him in 2009 along with a group of like-minded individuals for the upliftment of the underprivileged children around India. This project was handed over to numerous NGOs across the country to implement the rural development programs and bring a change for hope in the lives of the disadvantaged but deserving sector. The donors who support the program can avail Income tax exemption of 50% under section 80G. Started with just 250 children, the program now feeds more than 21000 underprivileged children in many states of the country and aspires to do more. The program is run 365 days a year with the dream that no child should be left hungry in India, no child should sleep within the bleak walls of starvation and hopelessness. Daily nutritious and hygienic meals are served in a respectful and friendly manner in clean open spaces to the little hearts with menus designed according to the food culture of the respective place. The program works in the most creative of ways with only private funding so that the whole of India can contribute towards the growth of India. The inspiring efforts of all the supporters, volunteers and staff have made the program a complete success by lifting the clouds of darkness off of the hearts of the underprivileged children with the intend that they could bask in the beauty of rainbow and joy.

As Nelson Mandela had rightly said ‘History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children’

To read more about the inspirational work they are doing, visit No Hungry Child today!

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