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Sana Khan on November 4, 2018 in Food & Shelter

Mr. G. Mallikarjuna began SERUDS in Kurnool a district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, back in the year 2003. He was an Engineering graduate of Vasavi College of Engineering, who was inspired to serve the community. He was passionate about social service and started working as a social worker when he was only 24 years old. His devotion to the social work made him pursue Post Graduation in Social Work and this itself speaks volumes about his commitment to the society. The group has now been successfully serving and helping the ones in need for almost 15 years now.

SERUDS has been evolving over the years. The work is now led and directed by a team of professionals. The group has assisted the necessities and the requirements of individuals within 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh and is serving in various other states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi etc.  They have been operating at the close to earth level and are one of the forthcoming NGOs with services nationally. They believe that all human beings are equal and has the right to have good health and proper standard of living.

Their work has been extremely effective and SERUDS has won various awards too such as the Best NGO Award for Flood Relief Activities, Best Charity for social activities, Best NGO services Award received by Government of AP and many more.

SERUDS raises funds and contributions from individuals and organizations across India and the world. They focus on the Rehabilitating and providing education, shelter, and food to economically backward, child laborers, disabled, orphans and semi-orphans.  The contributions received are utilized by SERUDS also strengthen its activities like mid-day meal to the old aged as well as the poor children, skill development coaching programs and sustainable livelihoods to the destitute women of the society. The funds are also used for the elderly care centers, youth development programs, tribal girl child literacy and various health camps to tribal population. SERUDS has also been supporting women by starting programs like Fashion designing training, software training to unemployed youth, training in tailoring & embroidery etc. to train, help and develop the skills of the women.

Each day, warm meals are distributed between 1-2pm and include a variety of nutritional foods like steamed cooked rice, dhal, sambhar, mixed vegetable curry, seasonal pickle, papad etc. The programs attempt to eliminate the aged persons from begging in slums, who simply can’t afford to eat, and ensure a day's worth of nutritious meal. Many of these elderly individuals don’t have families to support them which leads them to beg for food, while others who belong to families, where the adult members go off to work, leave them alone at home. Not only do they struggle by the absence of any social and economic stability, but they also lack a reasonable nutrition. These elderly individuals often spend their time at community halls, streets, or neighbor houses due to helplessness.

There are thousands of aged people in the streets, who are abandoned and starving. SERUDS is serving and feeding people in need who are neglected and isolated by their families. They provide mid-day meals to destitute aged people and the basic necessities of an individual. They no longer have to beg for something that is so readily available to the rest of the world.

It even supports women and children. Seruds today is running following programs for children :

1. Creche
2. Home for street children
3. Sponsoring Education
4. Distribution of Educational Material to poor students
5. Sponsor Education school & tuition fees
6. Orphanage

In areas served by SERUDS, most of the disadvantaged women work as domestic help, agricultural laborers, and as maids in schools, hospitals, shops and establishments. Women working on farms face uncertain and seasonal employment. Due to lack of skills and education and irregular income generation activities, they remain below poverty line.

"Since 2006 we have been organizing vocational skill development training programs in various trades like fashion designing, tailoring & embroidery, Zari Zardosi work, soft toys making, making bamboo articles, for the empowerment of women through sustainable livelihoods. SERUDS is conducting these women development programs in Kurnool District. So far, about 650 women have been trained : about 115 of them became self employed by taking loans from Banks and other women got jobs in garment industries. We have 15 women working as trainers to conduct training.

After completion of vocational skills course, we provide assistance for establishment of their own business and job placement services."

We appreciate their innovative approach and hard work for the betterment of society. If you wish to know more, donate, or volunteer then visit SERUDS right now!

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