Because Old is actually Gold

Dignity Foundation, India

Ankita Sinha on May 31, 2018 in Food & Shelter

Grandparents are the foundation of any family or household. They keep the family intact, connected to one's culture and roots and the younger ones grounded. For the little ones, they are a treasure trove of inspiring and fun stories, little anecdotes and boundless love.

But above all, they themselves are dignified human beings, who are entitled a flourishing, productive life and contribute to the society with their own experiences once they are retired from their jobs and life responsibilities.

The present face of India, however, dictates a very different and unfortunate story.

The exponential rise in nuclear families with rapid urbanizations diminished the value of senior citizens from legacy and wisdom to a mere furniture in a corner of the house, often unattended and neglected. This not only devoid them of any social life or means to make their lives any better but shakes their confidence in their existence and affects their emotional and physical health adversely.

To keep these old souls intact, happy, flourishing and productive, a Mumbai based organization called Dignity Foundation has taken not only significant but moving steps.

For the past two decades, it has provided and continues to provide helpline and counselling support to the elderly people who have gone through or are going through any kind of physical or emotional abuse by their family members. Besides, the old volunteers of the foundation visit and accompany the aged people who feel isolated and need company to spend time and build a rapport with. They help them get involved in activities like evening walks, reading, solving puzzles and crosswords, thus keeping their minds occupied and active. By making friends of their own age group, they feel connected to the world and lively.

For those underprivileged old-aged people who cannot even afford two square meals, the foundation volunteers have taken very kind steps. They go and check for the severity of the situation and afterwards provide them with sufficient ration every month so they don't have to depend on anyone for their basic needs.

Dignity Foundation has taken applaudable steps for the elderly in the slums of Mumbai and Chennai by empowering 16800 senior citizens of these two cities. They work toward solving problems like lack of proper finances, health issues, loneliness, abuse and restriction of their mobility for these people. Deeds like these not only matter because of the palpable good that they do, but also for the inspiration that they provide to the society. By being a live example of goodness, humanity and respect, they give a wake-up call to those who have forgot to value the presence of a guiding elder in their lives.

Apart from all this, they are the creators of dignity lifestyle retirement township. This is a place 90 kms away from Mumbai, where people from old age group can settle after retirement in the peaceful surrounding, undertaking activities they like, among people of their own age group. It is a colony established in 25 acres of land, solely funded by Dignity Foundation for providing the senior citizens a life that they deserve.

All this effort from the foundation sends us a strong message. It's high time we stop running blindly behind the cool and the unconventional before there is nothing left of our culture, values and respect for our elders inside us.

To read more about the inspirational work they are doing, visit Dignity Foundation today!

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