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Shreya Mehta on July 31, 2018 in Environment

Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) is an organization that focuses on wild life restoration and habitat conservation. It was founded in 2007 by Arun Krishnamurthy. Its operations are spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. EFI aims at result-oriented, real-time conservation efforts.

The principal project that the organization focusses on is the Lake Conservation project, a scientific lake restoration effort. As part of the cleanup, all kinds of material waste are removed physically from the project premises. This is followed by a scientific lab testing of the water samples collected from the place to test for various kinds of pollutants and contaminants.

After the study is completed, the lake bed is de-silted and the silt is accumulated to build an embankment. The embankment is planted with native species saplings as they offer additional support. A small wetland is also created at one of the corners of the lake so as to filter out the incoming waste. For the beaches, nature walks and awareness drives are organized to prevent any further contamination. As part of the project, EFI has been successful in restoring over 39 fresh water bodies till date.

EFI also adopts villages in order to convert them into Eco Hubs. Large scale sensitization projects and volunteering efforts are carried out in the name of their program Green Gramam. The goal of these project is to build an eco-friendly neighborhood in which all kinds of flora and fauna live in harmony. Water body restoration programs, building of botanical parks are also carried out as part of the project. All societies and houses in the area are encouraged to adopt greener and eco-friendly alternatives.

Another recognized program of the organization is the Waste Not project. This is the organization’s waste management program. It has two goals- one is to sensitize people and the other is cleaning the place physically. With the involvement of the community and volunteers, all the waste is collected and is physically segregated into renewable and non-renewable. Using appropriate methods, each of these is recycled or composted.

Since the waste generated from our homes is one of the biggest contributors to the impending danger at hand, a lot of the efforts of EFI are also focused on various Composting programs and techniques. In recent times, EFI has started to build Biodiversity Parks at Schools. Plants, flowers, bushes and rare herbs are also planted in the vicinity. The aim is to encourage children at schools to take care of nature and learn about nature and their ecosystem.

As part of their Herbs Restoration project, native varieties of plants are planted near water bodies with the aim to keep the environment clean and to attract birds and other airborne creature to live in the surrounding areas. The goal is to build as many Bio Spots as possible.

In India, stray animals are often abused and exploited. In order to combat the situation, EFI’s Animal Care program is organized. The project has been started in Chennai and it aims to provide food and water to all these animals. The EFI ambulance is kept ready and fully equipped at all times if any medical assistance is needed.

In association with the same project, another small but efficient program is run. It is called the Sparrow Reintroduction program. With the incursion of mobile towers and buildings, there has been a drastic reduction in their population. Thus, the program aims to rebuild their bio-habitats at various locations so as to welcome them back and encourage them to live in harmony with us. Various awareness programs are organized so as to sensitize people about the program and keep them involved in the process.

Many Urban Nerve Centers are built at various locations. These are equipped with various kinds of information on conservation and volunteering programs. Problems of polythene waste, stray animal care, plantations, pollution in lakes and other water bodies is handled by these centers. Paper Bags Initiative of EFI aims to create awareness about making paper bags using old newspapers and using these bags instead of plastic bags.

Massive community-based conservation projects are also encouraged as part of the program with the goal to involve more people and create awareness about conservation of fresh water bodies. This is made possible on weekends by individuals who are willing to volunteer for the project. Workshops in schools and college programs also help EFI recruit volunteers for their project. About 83 lakes have been cleaned as part of the program.

Through street plays, showing documentaries and films, attempts are made to create mass awareness about conservation of environment and protection of wildlife. Heat camps are conducted at summer vacations and Cold camps are conducted in winter vacations to empower the youth with information on nature and conservation. Various Youth championships focusing of conservation, communication and social entrepreneurship are also organized by EFI on regular intervals with the goal to create a platform to share and learn about the nature and its resources.

By collaborating with corporate and government organizations, efforts are put into conserving nature. The organization has also built an application called EFI Volunteer app for all apple OS and android devices as well to get in touch with the organization and learn about their latest programs and initiatives.

For its innumerous efforts of conserving nature, EFI was awarded with the ‘Swetha-VSO grant’ for Delhi Lake Conservation in 2010 and the ‘Google Alumni Social Impact Award’ in 2011. EFI’s Arun Krishnamurthy in 2012 became one of the Youngest recipients to win the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. EFI’s projects and programs are ‘One Young World’ and ‘The International Visitor Leadership Program’ (IVLP- US State Department) recognized.

In collaboration with the British Council through their ‘International Climate Champion’ and ‘Active Citizens Initiatives’, they organise programs and camps to promote young talent in conservation and communication.

EFI with its efforts aims to create a platform where all like-minded-nature enthusiasts can work towards real-time projects. By way of the efforts of EFI, young people all over the country are recognizing the value of their ecosystem and their water bodies.

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