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Social Action for Forest and Environment, India

Indrajit Banerjee on June 12, 2018 in Environment

It is often said that this planet does not belong to us, we have just borrowed it from our next generation and so it’s our responsibility to present a better place to dwell in for them but the reality is it is hardly in practice in the current world. As Sidney Sheldon rightly said “Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived” and this is what everyone should believe and practice.  In this materialistic world, a world which witnesses horse’s race every single minute to weave the canopy of economic development and nuclear superiority that safeguarding environment, though being a necessity, is not a priority.  India a land where more than half of the countrymen are working efficiently directly or indirectly towards women empowerment , that very country who idolises their land as their mother  fail to respect their mother earth by polluting it and abusing her resources to the most possible extent.  As Evo Morales says that all citizens should understand that we can’t live without our mother earth but the reverse doesn’t hold true.

But thanks to a handful of people who are actually concerned with the current state of environment and are working to deescalate the scenario. One such group is Social Action for Forest and Environment (SAFE) who are working extensively to make the planet a better place to live in. S.A.F.E. was founded in 2013 as a non-profit organization and is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 at Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR). Founders of S.A.F.E. have been working on environmental issues since 2010 with the mission of Environmental Justice to all even prior to registering the organization. Depletion and illegal extraction of ground water, air pollution issues in Delhi National Capital Region was the starting point for their which then cascaded to Environmental issues as well. Although the organization is based in North India and has done extensive work in north, their work has far reaching consequences spreading to the whole of India.

The mission of the unit is to provide environmental justice to all by environmental justice we mean that the rights of every one towards clean air, pure water, no pollution, sanitation, greenery etc. is upheld. Water conservation, rainwater harvesting, groundwater depletion, power plants, water intensive industries, conservation of ponds and wetlands, water wastage control, environment protection, illegal cutting of trees, plantation, sand mining, river conservation, implementation of environmental laws, wildlife, agricultural waste/crop burning ,sanitation, health and mobile tower radiation ,agricultural practices: organic farming, chemical free farming awareness and education on environmental issues.

The unit provides training alongside conducting workshops for students, farmers giving information about environmental issues and laws for sustainability. They are working for water pollution and air pollution keeping into check crop burning alongside working towards spreading awareness about noise pollution with filing constant appeals to the authorities to curb down the current bubble of pollution. It this due to their relentless efforts that the authorities of the Noida-Greater Noida Metro have agreed to their proposed green metro project.  They take the causes of people to the local authorities to work positively for those issues.

Their work seems tracing an extremely positive trajectory, but the sweet scent of success would only be sniffed if and only if we all collectively work for the same causes. Through my restricted capacity of pen and paper I hereby end this article with a tone of appeal; it’s time that we start working for our planet to be a better place to dwell in, it’s time for all of us to spread our hands significant or insignificant for preserving the awe and elegance of our mother earth.

To read more about the inspirational work they are doing, visit SAFE today!

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