Exigency Of Environmental Protection

Vidyanagar Nature Club, India

Aishwarya Sharma on October 16, 2018 in Environment

Environmental Protection is a common term. Right? We all have studied this term in our schools and articles in newspapers and magazines. But do we really understand the true meaning and how exigent this topic is?

So, first let’s revise what does Environmental Protection means?

Environmental Protection is a step taken by individual, organization controlled by governmental levels, for protecting the natural environment for the benefit of both the environment and humans. Due to the pressures of overconsumption, population and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. This has been recognized, and governments have begun placing restraints on activities that cause environmental degradation. Since the 1960s, activity of environmental movements has created awareness of the various environmental problems. There is no agreement on the extent of the environmental impact of human activity and even scientific dishonesty occurs, so protection measures are occasionally debated. One of the living embodiment of environmental conservation was Mahatma Gandhi.

Environmental Protection involves a holistic approach and understanding of issues which are best handled with the participation of all concerned. It also involves changing of attitudes and lifestyles, such that we minimise and reduce the impacts on environment.

As a big change can’t occur in a single night and not only through an individual’s dedication or an organisation. Similarly, Vidyanagar Nature Club, also known as Voluntary Nature Conservancy, a registered non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization came forward, which was incepted in 1988 and since then, it has never failed in nurturing nature for a better future.

The activities of VNC can be divided into three heads, Environment Education, Research & Conservation and Awareness & Advocacy. At VNC, they strongly believe that an environmentally sensitized society is the only solution to long term conservation and hence all their efforts are towards achieving this objective. Under environmental education programs, they provide the people with not only the information to make an informed decision but also develop their skills needed to make a positive impact. Under Research & Conservation head, they have a lot of projects related to understanding human wildlife interaction. These projects include, but are not limited to, crocodiles, wild ass, wolves, forest owlets, and arachnids. All of their projects are funded by well-renowned organizations such as The Rufford Small Grants Foundation, Idea Wild, Bombay Natural History Society, The Forest Dept., Government of Gujarat, Duleep Matthai Nature Conservation Trust and such others. Under Awareness and Advocacy, they carry out the Snakebite Mitigation Program, the tree plantation program, Save the Sparrow project, Greenathon (annual marathon), Save the Vulture program, and drives to reduce pollution. Besides this, they also deal with ongoing environmental issues such as illegal cutting of trees, water pollution, and waste management.

VNC stands tall due to a committed team of volunteers who are the back bone of the activities. The team at VNC is dedicated to conserve the environment and make sustainable efforts towards the same. The team believes in being rooted in the community and clarity of work; as a result, complete transparency in the transactions related to both fiscal and non-fiscal matters is maintained. This is also done to uphold the faith bestowed on them by their supporters, donors, and volunteers.

Hats off to their hard work and dedication for the betterment of tomorrow.

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