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Sana Khan on December 3, 2018 in Environment

What is Switch Fix?

Switch fix is committed to making the highest quality of products that are healthier, sustainable and plastic-free. They invest 25% of their profits towards providing better health opportunities for children living near landfills. The offer products that do not use Plastic packaging, being all natural and healthy range of shampoo and body bars.

We connected with the ever-responsive team of Switch Fix to know more about the work and their journey where we were curious to know about the Founders of the Organisation.

"They call them the duo that can do it all :)" Both Rhea and Abhishek come from creative marketing communications and social change background.

Rhea is one of the most promising creative minds in the advertising industry. Her love for communication began as a Design Strategist for an NGO that helped marginalized children living in shelter homes across India. She moved on to create compelling visual stories for brands in Ogilvy, FCB Ulka. She strongly believes art and design is something that should be used to stand up for the best sides of human nature to give social change an influence in this chaotic world of ours and that’s what she aims to convey through Sw:tch.

Abhishek comes from marketing communications and business management background. In the 8 years of his professional career, he has worked with some of the leading ad agencies creating digital and 360 ad campaigns. In his last stint with Ogilvy & Mather, he led digital marketing for key accounts. His work on social change campaigns helped him further strengthen his belief that the power of communication must be harnessed for a bigger purpose i.e. to bring about a behavioural change which directly impacts lives at the grassroots level.”

We asked about the idea and the purpose behind starting the organization to which the team replied -

“The thought behind sw:tch is simple: we want this world to be a healthier place. It quite obviously stems from the fact that we both at a point were living unhealthy lives but it wasn’t until our visit to Bhalswa (a landfill area in North Delhi), we realized the consequences of our unhealthy habits. The sight of disposing of plastic and its health hazards in the community was an eye-opener. Thus, just like that, we switched.”

A little about the Bhalswa area (North Delhi): Bhalswa is an area in North Delhi best known for a landfill spread over 40 acres, where garbage has piled up 164 feet. The local residents usually face problems such as ‘Dirt, garbage, clothes, stones and goats…dead goats. Fires are a regular occurrence in Bhalswa. They are caused by an accretion and leakage of methane gas from the landfill. Toxic air is just one of the hazards that the 40,000 residents of Bhalswa live with. The narrow lanes of the jhuggi-jhopdi or slum cluster are bordered with open drains, which see a constant flow of leachate that seeps out from the landfill. Residents say that the landfill does not just damage their health, but also affected the way they were perceived by people outside Bhalswa.

The team says, “We constantly hear about how mankind is destroying this world. It is quite demotivating, so much so that we’ve internalized this toxic thought as a species. That’s why we’re here to first remind everyone that this world can be made a better place with the help of you and me. All it takes is a simple switch. The love and support we’ve garnered over such a short span of time is really motivating for us and proves that all that this world needs is a tad bit of good vibes only.”

The future plan for the organization: “Well, the plan is to make the switch to a healthier, sustainable and plastic-free life as easy as it can get. This entails addressing the problem at a consumption level, where the Sw:tch Fix comes in, and then at a disposal level, where Project Sw:tch Foundation comes in.”

According to Switch Fix, we questioned how efficient and helpful has the journey been from their point of view with respect to the original plans?

“Plastic is everywhere and many see that as a problem. But we saw it as opportunities. Opportunities to find alternatives. We’re happy to say our friends, family and amazing people who’ve reached out to us on social media have all helped us stay on track.”

Quite recently we found a word that we feel should be in all our vocabulary’s; Meliorism, meaning, the world can be made a better place with the help of mankind.

The message that Rhea and Abhishek would like to spread is that the nagging question we all have in mind, “Am I too small in this big blue world to bring change?” The answer is no. Every step matters. Every effort counts. Reach out to us if you want to get rid of that question for once and for all.

We loved and appreciate the innovative approach as well as the hard work for the betterment of this planet by the switch fix team. If you wish to know more about them, their products, or wish to volunteer then visit their website now! - theswitchfix.co

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