Healing The Earth

Conservation Action Trust, India

Neha Devi on July 4, 2018 in Environment

We have been given life on the most beautiful place- our earth, which provides us with everything we will ever need and more. We are utterly indebted to the earth but today, our mere presence is doing unimaginable and irrecoverable damage to this ever-giving planet for all the good things it has done. Our reckless and shameless actions have led this planet to face continuous ruins, and we are nowhere close to stopping.

Environmental and ecological problems have gripped the earth in its vicious shackles because of the heartlessness of the human race. Pollution, being one of the biggest global killers, is affecting over 100 million people. More than 1 million species already faced extinction due to global warming, and one and a half acres of forest is cut down every second. At our current population, we need 1.5 Earths. We have a garbage island floating in our ocean, mostly comprised of plastics – the size of India, Europe and Mexico combined. We have taken our planet for granted and left it on the verge of dying, but we have forgotten that we only have one earth, one home. If the earth dies, we die with it.

While everyone noticed the silent destruction but few decided to take action for the sake of the land that gave us life. One such mindful organisation is ‘Conservation Action Trust’ in Mumbai started by a conservationist, Mr Debi Geonka, who ensured that the right actions are taken to protect our irreplaceable forests, wildlife, wetlands and biodiversity. The NGO is driven with the aim of ‘Conserving India's natural wealth and increase India's sensitivity towards forests, wildlife and rivers through research, education, public participation and judicial intervention’. CAT works with other NGOs and departments with similar vision and provides technical information, legal advice and equipment’s to give back to the earth the respect and love that we have so carelessly robbed off. The organisation has a strong team of expertise staff and dedicated volunteers who have made so much possible for our nature and for our future generations. It has taken up projects such as ‘Think Green to make a Difference’ in 2005 to encourage the students and teachers to know and learn about the planet they live on, Soil and Moisture Conservation and Afforestation project in Himachal Pradesh to encourage the residents to plant trees, Lion Translocation project, Sanjay Gandhi national park, Renewable energy- Satpuda Tiger Landscape and many more. The Mangrove Wetland Center project is started to establish the true importance of the Mumbai's Mangrove forests among the masses and to ensure its protection. This centre will be open to visitors who will not only see its diverse fauna and flora but also learn the role of Mangroves in reducing the flooding levels in Mumbai. The NGO has been inspiring individuals and organisations to take up the responsibility towards their environment that if they cannot conserve it then at least they shouldn't destroy it.

‘When the natural resources of any nation exhausts, disaster and decay in every part of department of national life follows as a matter of course. Therefore, the conservation of natural resources is the basis, and the only permanent basis, of national success.’- Gifford Pinchot

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