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Kushal Chand on November 16, 2018 in Education

An organization which was started after witnessing children rag-picking on the streets of Delhi has now spread across 17 states in the country. Lakshyam started working towards Child Education when it was found in 2004 and now the organization is also empowering the women of India. Lakshyam’s founder Ms. Raashi Aanand won the ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Entrepreneur India Summit in 2013. They have been receiving praise from various Leaders of India including Dr. Kiran Bedi, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Ms. Sheila Dixit, among others. The praise is being sung because of the Programs they have started namely Butterfly, Toy Library and Rooh.

The founder of Lakshyam realized the need for educating not-so-privileged children of India and launched their Program called Butterfly. In this program, they identify children who have been begging and involved in child labor activities like shoe polishing, dropouts of schools and they bring them under their shelter and impart education to these children. They teach them school level subjects, inculcate good habits to the children like cleanliness, personal hygiene, disciplined behavior. Reports show that over 50% of the children of India are not going to school. If this scenario continues the future of the country is in deep trouble. It is the thought of uplifting the Child Education status of India which has led to such a powerful program through which lives of 500 children has changed in the last year alone. The Remedial Education Center based at the Basti (slum) adopted by Lakshyam, JJ Basti in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi provides an education encompassing textual knowledge and personality development, along with special attention to workshops on cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, extracurricular activities and positive life habits that are carried out to help the children join the mainstream society with a broader and deeper capability.

Their Toy Library Program aims to find space, to set up toys, books, games, which are provided by NGOs, schools, and Individuals. These centers allow children who have spent time picking up bottles, playing with tires to spend time playing with toys. When a child cries, parents bring the child’s favorite toy in front of the child and all of a sudden, the child is happy again. This program has opened the doors for those children who have not had the privilege to play and learn, at an age where every child must be doing it. It must feel very satisfied and happy to set up these libraries and see the light in these children’s eyes. They have currently set up 13 libraries across 11 states where there are thousands of toys and books and happy faces of children also.

One of the major tools for the development of a country apart from Educating Children is to Empower Woman. Lakshyam is doing this through their program called ROOH wherein women are taught professional skills like tailoring by conducting workshops. After the successful completion of the workshop, these women work to make products and later these products are sold in various stores and all the proceeds are given to the women who created those products. Through this initiative, they also spread awareness among women regarding menstrual hygiene and the causes of Breast Cancer. These programs have already impacted more than 500 women in the last year. Focus is on issues affecting the lives of women, like health & hygiene education, child care and basic civic sense are provided to community women to support them in leading a life with dignity and confidence.

Lakshyam has created a school named Sakshyam, which is located in a slum area of Vasant Kunj. Approximately 200 children are provided education, and taught about art and crafts. The workshops are also arranged for the street children, at the red-light areas. These workshops are mostly arranged for creating awareness against the drug and tobacco addiction, and other kinds of destructive habits.

The word Lakshyam signifies goal or the desired aim of a human. Rashi realized that thousands of children are going in the wrong direction and the need to give them a better life made her start Lakshyam. Rashi was influenced by social work at a tender age and saw the harsh realities of life, she took it upon herself to make the lives of people better and give them something more fulfilling and meaningful to live for.

We appreciate their innovative approach and hard work for the betterment of society. If you wish to know more, donate, or volunteer then visit Lakshyam right now!

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