Upliftment to Children with Impairments

Ashray Akruti, India

Neha Devi on June 11, 2018 in Education

“Deaf people can do anything that hearing people can, except hear, for everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others, despite their disability.” This is what D.P.K Babu, an educationist from Hyderabad, believed when he started an NGO named ‘Ashray Akruti’ in 1996 to provide right education and upliftment to children with impairments from the deprived backgrounds.

Having a hearing-impaired sibling gave the impetus to establish this organization, reaching out to help those sectors of the society where the government help could not reach. Hearing impairment does not only result in language and speech deficiency but also affects other important areas of life such as difficulties in adapting with conventional society due to low self-esteem.

The prime aim of the organization is to empower people with disabilities and people from underprivileged background through quality education, sustainable livelihood and health care. Started out with just 5 children, through great commitment and relentless hard work, it now provides educational assistance to more than 500 deserving students. It runs special schools for hearing impaired, an early intervention centre and computer multimedia & animation centre, with residential facilities so that learning amongst the dedicated students can take place in the most comfortable and encouraging environment.

The NGO implements creative and innovative methods to educate the children, some of which are Oral Aural teaching method and Auditory Verbal method to develop speech and language to those who cannot hear. Apart from this, it provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to children at tender age and funds to meet Cochlear implants and hearing aids expenses.

It started a program called 'ProjectHeena' in 2015 whereby the organization aimed at adding value to the world by providing a platform to connect experts who can help people across the world. All of its programs reach to rural communities and urban slums to provide the benefits of the good work to the needful. Inspired by the remarkable work of the NGO, numerous clubs, foundations and trusts such as Amazon development centre, BHEL R&D division, HCL technologies, Microsoft, Wipro care, Indian Institution of public health etc. provided their moral and financial support so that more necessitous children could come under the shelter of the good deeds. The organization is certified by Credibility Alliance for following the standards of accountability, transparency and good governance. Over the years, the NGO has been successfully rendering its unselfish services and has won many accolades for the quality of services provided to the hearing impaired. But their biggest award was having their students successfully complete their education from various schools, colleges and universities, the dream that they began with was taking the shape of reality.

Every child deserves education, irrespective to their disability, as they are the little stars with hopes and imagination, and all they need is proper encouragement and guidance to sparkle.

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