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Tarun Chetna Foundation, India

Ankita Sinha on May 15, 2018 in Education

The kind of society we live in needs a lot of change, some in practice and a lot in value systems. Whenever any social evil is sighted, more often than not, all we do is discuss it, express our disgust and then move on with our lives, not bothering much unless our own close-knit circle is at stake.

However, there are a few among us, who take every such incident not merely as a story, but as an opportunity to make a move, bring a change and strive for better. They are no superheroes who move mountains, but mere human souls who try and move a single stone every day, bringing slow but meaningful changes.

The Tarun Chetna Foundation is one such group of people, who are actively striving to bring strong changes in the Pratapgarh area of Uttar Pradesh since 1993. They have significantly changed the face of many government schools in villages by making the parents in the School Managing Committee aware about the rights of their children and influencing them towards the attainment of a better education system. The impact of their efforts is such that today, in more than 19 schools in 10 Gram Panchayats across the area, teachers have become punctual and sincere towards their jobs. They have led to the construction of functioning toilets in more than 20 government schools and improved teaching standards as well. Parents have started to visit schools on a regular basis, monitoring the education and facilities their young ones are receiving. In a time where parents are fast shifting towards costlier and privately-run schools vacating the government ones, this was a step that was urgently needed but ignored by us all.

Apart from developments in the education sector, they have put concrete and strategized efforts against social evils. Believing in the power of youth, The Tarun Chetna Foundation trained them to speak up against practices like domestic violence, illegal sex determination and female feticide, thus leading to their condemnation and even elimination to a large extent.

Chuppi Todo Andolan organized by the team led to hundreds of women into breaking the silence and speaking up about atrocities against them. The mere idea was to instill in women the courage to use their voices and opinions. The team also conducted the Ek Saath Abhiyaan to encourage the elimination of gender-based roles in society. Girls were taught to drive tractors, took part in shooting competitions and were even participate in elections as eligible candidates.

Patriarchy is deep-rooted in our society, in the minds of our men as well as women, such that even a tiny change comes at a crawling speed after decades of consistency and hard-work.

The Tarun Chetna Foundation, however seems to be so devoted towards the cause, that their efforts have visibly started to bear fruits. We cannot help but applaud them for their untiring efforts to bring a change and wish groups like these to be born in every socially backward region of the country.

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