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Creative Service Support Group, India

Neha Devi on June 14, 2018 in Education

India is a country known as one of the fastest growing economies having good infrastructure facilities, largest film industry in the world, second largest pool of scientists and engineers. But like a coin, India has two sides to its story. It severely suffers from hunger and poverty, gender inequality, widespread unemployment, social backwardness, dying dreams, hopelessness and eventually resulting to increasing disparities between the rich and poor.

Everyone takes notice of the situation but every few are audacious to take responsibility to bring a change, to put a stop to the sufferings of the disadvantaged people. And one such ambitious man is Anand Kapoor from New Delhi, who started an NGO named 'Creative Service Support Group' in 2011 with the motive of bringing a sustainable difference and fighting down the shackles of poverty and other social problems that prevent growth. The main aim of the NGO is to bring gender equality and self-sufficiency among the youth and helping them in career building in creative areas of literature, arts, music, design, theatre and much more, which promises great possibilities of growth and prosperity of the individual and the country as a whole.

It promotes social inclusion and respect to human rights by providing vocational training alongside job placements to the young adults, irritating desserts with education and opportunity and changing eternity for India.

Every year the organization educates 500+ students and provides 100+ placements, rendering services in areas where many organizations leaves off. One of the most successful units of CSSG is 'Feeding hearts' that spreads awareness and develops talents of the young people by setting yearly goals that focus on the critical issues of the society like dedicating 2016 to education and youth empowerment, 2015 to woman, 2014 to creating career opportunities, 2013 to food and arts, and so on.

The organization strongly believes that each person has potential and with proper education and guidance, the talents of the young adults can be moulded to take the shape of 'change' that our world desperately needs. It faces various obstacles in the day to day working like lack of sufficient funds, lack of volunteers, uncooperative volunteers, etc. but despite these barriers, it unselfishly keeps working hard to give disadvantaged youth a chance of better future. The good work of this NGO is supported by numerous other organizations like the edible school yard project, A new direction, Rainbow homes, Centre for Equity and Inclusion and many more.

It is truly said 'It is neither too strong nor too intelligent who survived on earth, but those responsible for change.

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