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Seva Sahayog Foundation, India

Indrajit Banerjee on June 27, 2018 in Education

India, an extremely fast developing country, a country where merely by most of the people in the society the development of the elite classes are synonymous to the development of the entire nation , this very distorted and untactful notion may be is what leading to the constant downfall of the people bearing the tag of underprivileged. Here stand the lofty buildings, harbours some of the greatest corporate giants but strikingly to its very contrast the country also harbours the maximum number of people living below the poverty line. We boast of some very prominent individuals who sit at the loftiest pedestals of education, again we also contain a good number of uneducated individuals who only can dream, the dreams which are miles away from reality. Miracles do happen, heroes do rise and one such group of people catering the needs of this very half of the society is Seva Sahayog Foundation, Pune.

Seva Sahayog Foundation has been serving for over 10 years towards the development and welfare for the underprivileged section of the urban slum lives. They started their operation in the year 2005 as a Not-for-Profit company and are registered under Section 8 (Old Section 25B) of the companies act. Seva Sahayog Foundation aims at engaging socially conscious corporates, groups and individuals, with NGOs of matching interest with a purpose to collectively add value to the society at large. Their core team of volunteers also known as ‘Seva Sahayogies’ are corporates working in IT and other reputed corporate entities. Seva Sahayogies have passion to dedicate their time and service towards the wellbeing of the society. Individually, most of them have jointly worked with various NGOs at the grass root level towards development initiatives.

Today the NGO has over 15,000 registered volunteers, adequate professional staff and well-equipped office centrally located in Pune city. There has had been instances where kids of the volunteers had proactively accompanied to assemble school kits, during School Kit drive. Through this one can witness how powerfully the next generation has imbibed the spirit of community welfare in them. Education, livelihood, health, environment issues forms their primary interests. They are concerned about facilitating to cater education to every children in their reach, that can serve as an empowering tool for their bright future. The NGO is also dedicated towards capacity building of women folks by subjecting them to high state vocational training so as they can find employment. NGO constantly drive programs to facilitate health check-ups and workshops on affordable nutritional diet. Aiming towards the betterment of the environment programs also focuses on greener future, sanitation, waste management and cleanliness. One of their programme is that of Samutkarsha, Samutkarsha aims towards wholesome and integrated urban slum development through education, health and self-reliance. Samutkarsha project is an initiative to eradicate / eliminate certain drawbacks such that by doing so we can contribute towards the betterment of society at large.

For last 10 years, SSF has been successfully running ‘School Kit Donation Drive’ to gift a School Kit to children from economically weaker sections of the society. The school Kit is an assorted set of materials such as school bag, notebooks, pen, pencil, drawing book, colours and a compass box which varies as per the sections like primary, secondary and higher secondary. These school kits are distributed to children from slums, schools, and education-support-centers run by NGOs in and around Pune, Mumbai & Nashik. Last year the unit was able to bring smile on the faces of over 69000 children. They also sent 500 Kits to J&K with the help of the Indian Army.

Through a series of initiatives and campaigns SSF is contributing quiet significantly towards the betterment of the country, with supports pouring in we can expect more marvellous works to be added in the queue.

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