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Kushal Chand on November 5, 2018 in Education

What is India’s most favorite drink? That is a simple question to answer, I hope. This drink is the reason behind many good things in the world. There are people all over India who earn a living by selling this drink. There are multiple IIT graduates who have started a venture by selling this drink also. And I guess that is why we have read in our social books that India is a diverse country. Well if you still haven’t figured out the drink this is the last clue: It shares its pronunciation with a letter in the English alphabet. But I hope some coffee lover is reading this and probably thinking “this is not my cup of tea”.

Vahdam Teas founded by Mr. Bala Sarda in 2015 is a very unique concept in the industry. In two years, he brewed a story of success with ‘Vahdam Teas’, a 100 percent online tea brand. They supply tea in a fast way, by completely curtailing the middlemen usually involved in this business in the form of auctioneers, retailers, and suppliers. And their tea is FRESH as they are not stored after the leaves are procured and processed. “I researched on the tea industry there. That’s when I wanted to join my 45-year-old family business on tea,” he recollects.  Interestingly, the name ‘Vahdam’ is the reverse anagram of Bala’s father’s name- Madhav, whom Bala considers his greatest inspiration. They have been sticking by their motto “Do Good by Doing Good” because of many reasons out of which two are: 1. Indian tea industry is the second largest employer for manual labor and 2. They have a program called TEAch Me.

The most favorite tourist destinations in India include the hill stations, this is because how easily one gets lost in the beauty of the place. But most often we don’t realize that these scenes are partly created by the tea plantations. And Darjeeling is one such destination in India among Munnar, Nilgiris, Assam, etc. So, in their program called Teach Me which was launched after 3 years of the company’s inception, the company directs 1% of its revenue towards the children of tea workers in India. Mr. Bala truly believes that every child has a Right to Education. They are doing their best to lend a helping hand to the children of their own employees. They have provided a scholarship to 66 children of tea workers in the first phase of the project.

It feels so good to see the pictures of the children holding SLATES along with WIDE smiling FACES, on which their ambition in life has been written. They have begun this program in the Giddapahar Tea Estate in Darjeeling. So, they are not only employing labors in India but also ensuring that their children receive the best education by providing these scholarships.

Speaking about their CEO in my conversation with Ms. Nupur says that “Mr. Bala’s family has been in this business for 80 years and he considers this lineage his most important possession. He is the one who noticed the lack of freshness in the tea everyone is distributing because of their storage and middlemen. He changed this model and also advanced it to the online business model”

The organization has delivered 100+ million cups of teas in 85 countries and has set up office space in New York. Their sales have grown 1000% in the past two years and they are already on the right path to success. So, if their revenue increases it would directly result in helping A CHILDS EDUCATION. Hence, we hope that their revenue manifold by the highest value possible so that unemployment in tea production districts is reduced and many children receive the education which belongs to them.

Bala’s vision is to make Vahdam Teas a ‘Make in India’ brand for the world market. “India is one of the largest producers and exporters of tea in the world. Yet we are exporting in bulk with single-digit margin under other brands, which will pack it under their name and make great margins,” he says.

In order to be a part of their growth journey and to read more about their initiatives, visit right Vahdam Teas now!

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