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The Path Makers, India

Aishwarya Sharma on June 25, 2018 in Education

40% of India’s population is below the age of eighteen years which at 400 hundred million is the world’s largest child’s population.

Less than half of India’s children between the age group of 6 to 14 go to school. One – third of all children who enrolled in grade 1 reach grade 8. One in every 10 children is disabled in India. 74% of India’s children below the age of 2 years are immunised. More than one in three women in India and over 60% of children in India are anaemic. Not only this, the slum people of India are treated like third rate citizens in their own country. Jobs, food, water, housing, sanitation, all the basic amenities are not enjoyed by this class of people.

Lack of education breeds criminal tendencies among them; rowdyism is the profession for many young men in the making. Drug abuse finds its roots here. Even the rich kids head to the slums for their weekly weed supply. Defecating on the streets, child marriages and gross negligence of hygiene has lead to a high mortality rate among them.

To provide a new beginning in the lives of slum dwellers “THE PATH MAKERS”, a Non Governmental Organisation is working for the development of livelihood of people residing in slum areas of Nation’s capital, Delhi.

This NGO is extremely concerned about securing the future of slum area dwellers. The slum dwellers are far away from the opportunities and comfort of the society. The Path Makers has taken an initiative to help them make their own identity in the society, so they can have confidence and ability to stand equally in the society.

They do their best to improve the education, health, social awareness, women empowerment, etc. in the slum areas. They helps in providing financial loans to the people who are unable to meet their basic necessities of day to day life. They provide the youth and children with loads of education facilities through Free Tuition, English Speaking Classes, Extra Curricular Activities and much more.

Under education programmes, Umeed and Udaan provides Non formal and formal education respectively. They also provide health and legal awareness. They provide free check-up camps which includes eye check-up, medical check-up, STI-RTI Camps and Cervical Cancer Camps. They also work for Women Empowerment, this programme includes Self Help group and Mahila Mandal and there is so much they do for them.

Their work is beyond appreciation. To read more about their inspirational work, visit The Path Makers today!

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