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Indrajit Banerjee on July 12, 2018 in Education

The progress of a country happens when everybody is enlightened with education, sound education clubbed with better states of living can bring miracles for not only the people facing the same but also for the society and the country in the same process. For people belonging to the elite class and the middle-class strata basic to high state education is not an opportunity but a very common aspect but the same doesn’t hold true for the people from the underprivileged section.

Education is a subject matter that should not restrict itself to just being a blessing for the upper sections, who are economically sound and uplifted, education needs to be a mandate for all. To a positive note, mindsets are changing, people belonging from the underprivileged section these days are not ignorant towards their children’s basic education rather are exponentially keen to send them to schools instead of pushing them off to work, kids of tender age are not being subjected to raised eyebrows for bringing bread to home rather are being subjected to all possible kinds of education from the resources available, however insignificant they be.

There are groups of people, those who carry a matchstick, but unlike many they chose not to burn the house down with it but to light up the room. Thinksharp Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation started in 2011, working for better rural education cause. At Thinksharp Foundation, they believe that every child has a right for better education and that he/she should have opportunity to access what they deserve. Their mission is to empower rural communities by providing infrastructure, resources and training to support and improve learning outcomes of students, professional development for teachers and school community and enhance the digital way of learning. The project StudyMall which provides better educational infrastructure in rural areas include better sitting place to study after school, library, computer learning, digital/multimedia learning in schools and conducts workshops, trainings on various topics. StudyMall reached to more than 3000 children in five different villages. Computer learning and benefits reached to more than 200 students alongside making digital learning access to more than 1500 children through digital class in four different schools. More than 25 teachers teaching in a demonstrative way by using digital class. They are operating their services in various villages of Maharashtra, promoting education and budding schools all over the state namely Aurangabad, Thane, Jalna, Jalgaon etc.

Seeing their earnest attempts to contribute in a positive way towards the society, several organisations like Nasscom, Reliance Capital, Google Adwards have joined hands with the unit to bring the betterment in the educational spectrum of the underprivileged. Series of awards like Digital trail blazer 2016, Swag awards 2016 adorns their efforts alongside the precious smiles of the youngsters for whom the team is devoted, devoted to gift them a better future by enlightening them in the light and power of education.

Their work goes on moulding several lives and seems to be extremely positive for a good number of students all across Maharashtra.

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