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Aishwarya Sharma on October 10, 2018 in Education

The difference between rural and urban education grows bigger day by day. Many governments do not even manage to fill the gap. Thus, many problems of education that remain unsolved result in the unsustainable development of communities.

Education is the main driving force for successful careers. There can be no other exceptions or addition. Those who are keen on learning and broadening their mind set and world perception definitely accomplish all their dreams. In other words, “Work hard and get educated” should be a motto and motivation for youth.

On the one hand to go with this motto hand in hand seems quite easy and simple. Nearly all countries have developed programs for public education. This is available for many children as it is free. However, on the other hand, this fact doesn’t solve main problems of education. Gender bias in education also remains at higher rates.

The thing is when people fret about public or private education they mean big-city or urban schools. They forget about the millions of children who go to school in more remote and rural areas. And it is here that the difference between rural and urban education becomes very obvious and sometimes disappointing.

The research comes to show that rural students fall behind their urban counterparts. The school dropout is also at higher rates in remote areas. Why? Have students lost their wish to learn? Of course, not! The problems of education take a sharper turn when we talk about the difference between rural and urban education.

This gap is the main reason that makes rural kids drop their schools or fall behind. They also lack after-school activities. Many students have limited awareness about higher education and career options, have poor self-knowledge and have to help their parents to earn living. Moreover, not all children living in less developed villages have the opportunity to enroll in colleges. This makes many beautiful minds to get lost because they live in rural areas.

Hence, Friends Union for Energising Lives (FUEL), a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Pune, stems from the understanding that the youth in India form one of the most vulnerable groups, who on the one hand are expected to be the leaders to determine the destiny of India, and on the other lack essential information and opportunities to succeed in life.

Their mission is to provide every student with equal education and career opportunities. They provides Career guidance and counseling to the students throughout India. Till date they have reached over 10 lakh students, 3500 schools and colleges and covered 13 states.

Their milestones are as follows-

  • Worked with 3000+ schools and college across India.
  • Touched & changed lives of more than 8,50,444 students
  • Educonnect project is being run in 11 states of India
  • Oxfam –Youth Action International Partner
  • Young Social Innovator Award by Action for India forum Led by Sam Patrioda Advisor to PM of India
  • Ashoka – International Fellowship to founder and much more.

Their dedication and hard work resulted  into-

  • Educational information reaches grassroots
  • Scholarship funds reach to students in rural and semi-rural areas
  • Rural teachers & students better informed
  • Help source for first-generation literates.
  • Bridges rural-urban digital divide a
  • Helps rural India growth

In order to be a part of their growth journey and to read more about their initiatives, visit FUEL right now!

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