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Madhurya Sai Amirapu on September 20, 2018 in Education

What was the last advertisement you saw today? Which ones stood out the most to you? Chances are one of those crazy, cool ads was a product of Schbang.

Schbang is an Integrated Marketing Solutions Agency that has left enviable footprints in the industry, in a relatively short time-span. In the words of Founder and Managing Director Harshil Karia, “We build customer experiences that deliver business results”. Their goal is to offer clients holistic, efficient and engaging marketing strategies/solutions, all in one place.

In a bid to stand out in today’s world, companies often need to go out of their way to achieve brand success- like the marketing equivalent of flying to moon, doing somersaults and baking red velvet cupcakes all at the same time. This is where such media agencies come to their rescue. Covering all media platforms, Schbang truly delivers here. With their innovative and imaginative approach, they create ‘the whole Shebang’ for them.

Aside from setting the bar for similar start-ups, they are also staying pretty relevant in the social scene. While volunteer and charity work are an established part of most tech giants and other large corporate firms, start-ups usually have enough on their plate and have difficulty finding space for welfare dessert. Nevertheless, the team at Schbang goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Schbang conducts free weekend classes called ‘The Design Project’, wherein underprivileged youth is given a chance at honing their skills and realising their potential at being professional graphic designers. They partner with ConnectFor, an NGO that in turn connects around 150 NGOs (matching services with requirements), which introduces them to low-access community teens.

The goal of the project is to develop the trainees into employable and in-demand professionals in this field of work. “We are working for a 100% placement result towards the end of the course and would be upset with anything less”, says Harshil. Keeping this in mind, they conduct 2 screening tests and a personal interview for the applicants in order to find individuals pre-disposed to this particular work. The screening tests are just more proof of their out-of-the-box thinking. In one the potential students were asked to sketch where they see themselves in 5 years, which allowed them to assess their vision as well their artistic abilities. The second was a painting assignment to assess their understanding of colour theory.

An agency such as Schbang knows of the cut throat competition present in the industry. There is a need to impress audiences with advertisements that make them want to pick up their phones and show others the same (especially others that they are trying to impress in turn; which could be considered a gold standard). “A fair bit of work goes into these courses. Most of the participants are from the slum areas and so we work on acclimatization through theory as well as practical classes. Also, we know it is vital to teach perspective as well as skills for the job.”, says Harshil. Their aim is to enable the beneficiaries completely in this avenue, thus a lot of effort goes into these classes.

Speaking about their efficient approach to volunteering, Harshil states matter-of-factly, “Since our company is based on Communication and Design, the best way for us to give back to society would be to create employment opportunity and skill sharing in the sphere of work from which we already generate our revenue. This is how we feel we can make a real difference.” A beautifully simple logic.

The agency conducted a 4-month course for 25 candidates last year in Mumbai and have expanded it into a currently 6-month course for 50 candidates. They also plan on extending these classes to the Bangalore branch by the end of the year.

The charitable use of their creative talents doesn’t end there. The Mumbai headquartered agency also campaigns free of cost for NGOs like Kindness Unlimited. In one such campaign, they had members pick tasks of random but simple kindness (‘give a child an ice cream today’) and such. In another, they conducted an eye-opening Q-A session in which they exhibited how easily people think of the negative in our surroundings in comparison to the positive (When were you last wronged vs. What was your most recent act of selflessness- the visitors stood no chance against the home team). They also help with the upkeep of social media handles, websites and video content for the CSR partner, Mukul Madhav Foundation, of one their clients, Finolex Pipes, and have had employees donate clothes to an associated school during a Santa Clause drive.

Schbang’s relevant to the day and age advertising also has them delivering important social messages such as for the environment on World Environment Day or the reclaiming of the Blue Whale on World Suicide Prevention Day (see #HappyBlueWhale). Once again, they use their vision and talent for spreading goodness and they do it without any pomp or fanfare. They intend on doing more in this sphere and we can’t wait for what their brain cells have in store for society.

We hope their projects inspire others and that office volunteer work becomes as popular as office bowling nights!

To learn more about their inspirational work and about cloth pads and making the switch, visit Schbang today!

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