Joy In Helping Youngsters

Narendra Vachharajani, India

Kushal Chand on October 3, 2018 in Education

What would you do after you have exited a highly-ranked job? Even when he had the opportunity to stay in the corporate field, Mr. Narendra Vachharajani, chose to spend his time as a life coach.

He took up his desire to inculcate his lifelong lessons to youngsters from Non Profits, so that they realize the ups and downs in their journey and are ready to face them at any point of time. Not everyone does take up a plan and work with so much dedication as Mr. Naren. He is a certified life coach by International Coach Federation, USA and he even underwent a coaching program to ensure his voice is toned and improve his vocal delivery.

He has created a structured program for his group life coaching sessions. The program is five weeks long and each week consist of a ninety-minute session where he works with a group of 6-10 individuals. In these programs he helps the participants in setting their goals and provides full support to them towards the attainment of those goals. He lays out an action plan for each of the participant and imbues them with enough motivation, so that they have complete confidence upon themselves that they can win.

We often see that a person is willing to become a teacher by mastering a particular subject and completing all the required criteria to work as a teacher in a very young stage in their life. But Mr. Naren, who has held a leadership position for several years thought of using his experience as a leader through his didactic approach, so that his wisdom on the subject doesn’t limit to within him. He chose to share his experience and included leadership lessons into his life coaching sessions.

It is rare to find great people like Mr. Naren who finds “joy in helping youngsters” which he states is the reason behind his motivation of pursuing this benevolent work. Having been through the good and bad times of the Indian economy for the last forty years, he is using this experience in helping young entrepreneurs in the country. “I help them with their business plans, and how to prepare their organization for the future” states Mr. Naren.

When asked about the changes in the lives of his trainees he states that “At Akanksha Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the standard of municipal schools, they have observed a significant increase in the level of motivation to work in the organization and their interpersonal interactions have seen a tremendous change. The reason behind this is since the session happens in a group and there are a lot of interactions among the participants, they cultivate the habit here and showcase it in their work life also.”

He has a different perspective in the future of the Entrepreneurial side of India. He believes that there is a lot of focus on the service side and Internet-based enterprises while the focus must be on improving the manufacturing field. He encourages young entrepreneurs to take initiatives in the manufacturing sector also. He states that setting up manufacturing units in the country will lead to the generation of new jobs which will in turn result in a rise in the Indian economy.

His newest initiatives include joining Mentor Me India, a Non-Profit Organization was founded in early 2013 by a team from Harvard and India that is passionate about expanding opportunities for children. Their mission is to help children in low-income communities reach their full potential by supporting enduring one-to-one relationships with strong role models.

Mr. Naren is someone who chose the road not taken, which very few people do and he is happy devoting his time towards the development of the youth of our country, which is very much essential for our country’s development.

We need more people like Mr. Narendra Vachharajani who can truly guide us on the path of success, given his commendable journey and a burning passion to help others achieve more, he is truly an inspiration. He joined Essar in 1996 and has over 35 years of experience and has worked within both public and private sector. Given his experience, he acts as a generation 'transition' coach to business families. He is truly an ideal human who is spreading knowledge and making an actual difference in the world.

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