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Jnana Prabhodini, India

Indrajit Banerjee on July 5, 2018 in Education

A society can only progress if it emphasises on four major aspects, those aspects which forms the pillars of the society, education, rural development, women empowerment and youth integration. If these few factors are kept in mind then a society, a country will definitely advance towards a holistic development. Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be, if these sectors are subjected to proper proportions of concentration, magical transformations can be witnessed. India, deals with issues like lack of education, un-channelized youth population and a societal cloud of misconceptions about women empowerment, but thanks to groups like Jnana Prabhodini who with their earnest efforts are keen to burst the prevalent bubble of misconceptions, manipulations, distortions and pushing the country towards light, towards a better future.

Jnana Prabhodini, Pune, is a multifarious institution working in the fields of education, research, rural development, women power, youth organisation, national integration and health, with a view to motivation building and attitude formation of every person in all age groups to Change the Face of India for Better.  Education, health, women empowerment, rural empowerment, youth integration are some of the areas where they nurture in.

They operate a school with a purpose to develop the leadership qualities of gifted students. Affiliated to CBSE, mixed (English and Marathi medium), std V to X: 480 girls and boys. A special curriculum designed to help the students express hidden potentials of their intelligence. An innovative school combining both the Indian culture and modern educational technology. Alongside it aims at providing training to the young and new teachers from the primary & secondary schools in rural, semi urban and urban areas to create a strong motivating force for teachers to develop their own personality to become effective teachers. They provide leadership courses to youths aged between 18-32 to make them better professionals, gifting them an extra edge over others, parallel to this the unit also runs a competitive exam centre which provides skill-based training to individuals for them to enter and serve the public commission, 550 officers selected through MPSC and 210 officers through UPSC till date (2012).

Under the Stree Shakti Prabodhan campaign personality development, health, self-employment and leadership training programmes for rural women across all age groups through the ‘Shabd Te Shakti’ (Expression to Empowerment) project, training of 125 Aanganwadi workers for quality improvement in Child Development alongside health projects and training of health workers (aarogya prabodhikas) for the health of rural mothers and babies in 25 villages. Noteworthy contribution along with government administration in making the Velhe taluka free from malnutrition. Through rural development they have chalked out a comprehensive long-term development programme of 137 villages from the Shivaganga and Gunjawani river valleys in Pune district covering watershed development, promotion of solar energy and special attention towards the tribal folk.

JP has worked for disaster relief activity right from 1967 at the time of Koyana earthquake, also in the Andhra cyclone of 1977 and flood situations in Morwi, Gujrath) etc. In 1993, the relief work at the time of Killari (Latur) earthquake led to rehabilitation work at Narangwadi and further led to the establishment of a full-fledged Centre at village Harali in district Osmanabad. The youth of Jnana Prabodhini has been doing multifarious activities by addressing the contemporary problems. In 1983 & 84, JP conducted a Peace Mission to Punjab when there was lot of unrest due to Khalistan Movement. More than 125 youth workers went from village to village in Punjab and offered prayers in Gurudwaras and had dialogue with people to build akinship with the Sikh brothers.   They have founded several medical institutions and hospitals for better modes of treatment for all.

Through all these years, through their restricted capacity this NGO has been restoring and tightening the thread of social fabric. With several acknowledgements in their pocket, they aim for several more and encourage even more number of participation, so that they all can achieve the envisaged goals.

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