Building Self-Reliance in Youth

Anatarang Foundation, India

Aayushi Kumari on June 18, 2018 in Education

Being the second largest population, India might enjoy several benefits but the problem of unemployment and youth unawareness about their own career is very disheartening.

A lot of young children are not provided with proper education and the ones with proper education are not getting good jobs. Some percentage of the youth is even confused regarding their future and course. This is a serious problem that was addressed by Anatarang Foundation and with its programmes, the foundation decided to help in bridging the gap between ‘Youth’ and ‘Employment’.

Over 30% of the Indian youth are considered active. This percentage is double the global average and thrice that of China. 94% youth are considered unemployable, which is the core of the problem that Antarang is tackling right now. Antarang wants to keep children in education till they are 18 years old, make them conscious of the career paths available to them, increase access to career choices and cultivate in them the ability to reach their aspirations.

Founded on 5th April, 2013, Antarang Foundation envisions a world where every young person is passionately, productively and positively engaged in a vocation of their choice.

The two main programs of the foundation, ‘CareerAware’ and ‘CareeReady’ aims to increase the employability of students. Antarang endeavour to give them the soft skills they need to arm them with the abilities required to be able to get a job or internship. They also employ their employability diagnostic tool to give them a deeper understanding of their strengths and which career would be suited to them.

The foundation has signed a MoU with Maharashtra state government to expand ‘CareerAware’ programme at night schools in 2015 and with the succession of the work, the contract of MoU was expanded for 3 years in 2016.

An approximate of 25,459 students took the benefit of ‘CareeReady’ and ‘CareerAware’ programs till date. Out of all the connected students, 83% go into education, employment or training after graduating from the CareeReady program.

With the main centre in Mumbai, Antarang has spread its wings in Pune and Udaipur as well, with the aim of arming the students with education and skills.

The founder of Antarang, Priya, an SP Jain Institute of Management and Research alumni has nurtured the foundation into the blossoming organisation it is today. Priya, with her kind yet firm attitude, is a driving force for the entire team.

She quotes “There is an increasing gap between education and employability. This requires urgent action from the secondary school stage - getting adolescents future and career focused is the critical first step to productive employment. With the world of work changing rapidly, it is imperative for young adults to strengthen their core learning skills and it is this set of transferable skills that will define success at the work place.”

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