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Aishwarya Sharma on June 7, 2018 in Education

As we all know India is a developing country and each citizen has a vision of their country, best in every field whether it is education, hygiene, equality, development of underprivileged, empowerment of women, etc.

To make India of our vision government has been working hard since its origin. Each year we find different programs and schemes developed by the government for the betterment of our country. But, initiatives taken by the government are not enough alone, different organisations, associations or individuals should also work upon this matter. Similarly, Aim India Foundation, a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable and non-religious organization, creating long-lasting positive change in the lives of the poorest and vulnerable citizens of India. AIM India Foundation was established on 3rd March 2016 by a group of Indian Development Professionals. Aim India Foundation encourages change in the mindset to tackle the structural causes of poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

This non-profit organisation formed by a group of development professionals working in West Bengal, India is registered as a non-governmental organisation to better pursue its agenda of working towards providing opportunities and enabling conditions for the underprivileged people of India for a better quality of life.

Aim India Foundation is an attempt to make quality education a reality for all children. Education programmes of Aim India Foundation are designed for children who have been born in deprived communities to find hope and meaning in life. The organisation through its various action research initiatives is attempting citizenship education in its centres, quality improvement in primary schools as well as linking education to employability within the formal school system. They are maintaining Bharat Mission School at Guma, 24 Parganas (North), providing scholarships to needy and promising students.

Not only this, they are also working on Green India Initiative Programme, SHYAMALI, designed to develop without destruction. The vision is to inspire people to plant trees, develop a culture of care towards the environment and make them realize their inevitable dependence on nature. The mission is to increase the green cover in order to reverse desertification, reduce soil erosion, restore self-sufficiency, recreate sustainability and counteract climate change. Through education and mass people participation, SHYAMALI has broken social divides and successfully involved businesses, NGOs, students, self-help groups, government agencies, farmers and villagers in this grassroots movement. This social mobilization strategy is designed to rekindle hope, proactively and environmental responsibility, and bring about self-sufficiency that is in harmony with the ecosystem.

AIF has also taken initiative towards helping the underprivileged people to make their life easier. They have organised Blanket Distribution to help because the brutal cold nights troubles millions of Indians, who are compelled to make the streets their home. Through this initiative, they are trying to bring some warmth into their lives. This programme has been designed to save the life of children and old street dwelling people. Similarly, they have organised Garment Distribution, they distribute garments to poorest of the poor part of the society. They believe "Charity sees the need, not the cause..."

Goods and Services Tax is a historical leap, which will help in nation building. GST is based on the concept of One India - One Nation - One Tax. But several confusions were there among the business community. Large houses had several resources to solve their problem but the MSME sector was facing major problems in its implementation. To help out MSME sector, Aim India Foundation conducted several seminars and workshops on GST.

The description of works done by Aim India Foundation is not limited, all you've read till now is just a gist, and their work done towards betterment of India is beyond appreciation.

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