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Ankita Sinha on July 10, 2018 in Education

Someone once said, "Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself."
Sure, the process of learning goes on for as long as we live, and mere acquisition of a degree to get a job cannot be labelled education, for it is constituted by much more than that. Education incorporates learning of all those skills that we need to exercise in our lives for our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial well-being. However, the path to the destination is not at all well-trodden. We face obstacles, hurdles, road-blocks and sometimes doubts in the way. To convert these roadblocks into milestones is a task that is far easily preached than done. And these roadblocks and ambiguities are exactly why the need of a mentor arises for each one of us in every phase of this learning and growing.

But seriously, how many of us are actually blessed with the privilege of having a true mentor?

How many of us have in our lives a person who is more like an older and more experienced self of our own selves?

It was this very idea, the need of a dependable path shower in one’s life that gave birth to a charitable organisation called Mentor Together in 2007. Ever since then, Arundhati Gupta, the founder, has been carrying on the noble job of bringing together mentors and mentees under one roof, allowing them to bond with each other and learn from each other.

Categorising a student’s life into various age groups, the organisation helps in the mentoring of learners from all phases of life. These include children in the primary schools, the ones who have just passed high school and don’t know which career path to choose, and also the graduates, the ones for whom their career path is well laid but employment opportunities are a tough call.

It is a fact understood and well-acknowledged that mere textbook knowledge is not sufficient either to make a life or a living. There are certain life skills that all of us need to implement in our lives. Skills like self-motivation, time management, decision-making and work-life balance stand tall among them. Apart from teaching these skills to the mentees, this organisation introduces the mentees with an array of mentors to choose from, based on similarities and career choices. The mentor and the mentee are then allowed to connect with each other, work on the weak skills of the mentee, understand each other better and then evolve further by two-way learning. This two-way learning not only improves the perspective of the little ones, but also feeds the mentor with much motivation to keep learning and growing.

Such mentorships not only guide students on their career paths, but also gift them a broader view of their dreams and life. They instil a sense of empowerment and develop a conviction inside the little ones that their existence and investments done upon them really matters and they can actually paint a different, more beautiful picture of tomorrow.

It is by virtue of the decade long untiring efforts of the Mentor Together team that the percentage of drop-outs has gone significantly down among the government schools of Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. Employment among the youth has seen notable hike as well. We really hope that the foundation expands its branches and inspire numerous other souls across the country towards a better learned future.

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