Pawfect Life: The Happy House

Niharika Sekhri, India

Sana Khan on October 18, 2018 in Animal Welfare

Who doesn't love a soft fur ball with four legs a wiggly tail and a bucket full of energy?

Here is the journey of Niharika Sekhri- Founder of Pawfect Life, about her love not only for dogs but for all animals, how Pawfect Life grew and how this place has become an ultimate source of happiness to hundreds of people.

Niharika in person is super cheerful and easy to speak with. She told us about her love for animals and the story behind Pawfect Life, and how did it actually start. ‘I am a dog lover and I studied about animals abroad for 3 years. I have worked with dogs, cats, and horses. So, I came back to India after my studies. I after my graduation, my father wanted me to have a good finance degree but it did not interest me enough.

My father got me a Labrador pup when I was young and that’s when I fell in love with dogs. Before I started Pawfect, I used to board pets at my place until I realized that there were not enough boarding centers or pet care places in Mumbai.’

We asked Niharika of how she felt about the organization accepted socially and what was the response of the people around her when she started Pawfect life so she said, "Oh wonderfully - I am super happy that I am helping people be happy, people who cannot have dogs can now spend time with dogs, people with depression, it just makes their day so much better because they are surrounded by pets. And kids with special needs I feel that it is very helpful for them too."

"- because we live in India there are very few dog lovers comparatively or the people who would accept the kind of job where you have to work with animals, so, to be honest, it has been a rough journey. People will judge you when you tell them that you work with dogs. So even though it is something very new and something very niche people do not react in a very positive manner -"

Pawfect Life: The happy house.

Pawfect Life is now loved by thousands of people who love animals. People often visit the space to also overcome their fear for dogs and fall in love with these softies. Niharika started boarding pets back in December 2015. Later, the petting zone was open for all in the month of May 2017. They currently have 8 dogs in total, 4 in-house pets and 4 rescued other than the dogs and cats that come in for boarding. Pawfect is not only a happy place for humans that come to spend some time with the dogs, but also for the dogs themselves. The team orders cakes on the celebration days that are specially made for Dogs to treat them and make them happy and be a part of the celebration. People come to pawfect not only to play with the dogs but also to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and marriage proposals too! They also celebrate occasions like valentine's day, Raksha Bandhan, friendship’s day etc.

The Team this year has started with corporate visits; The team is contacted by the corporates and booked to visit offices for a day with the Pawfect’s in-house therapy dogs. These visits help employees’ bond and are a stressbuster activity, different from their day to day jobs.

Niharika says ‘- I think it’s wonderful how it helps and knowing that people are living a stressful life, especially corporates. We take our dogs to the offices for the visits and have gotten an amazing response and it’s so much different because the companies are willing to do something good for their employee, I feel this is an amazing experience as it was a stress buster activity for the working people and the fact that people enjoy it and are okay to have dogs in their vicinity or workplace.'

This place has been a source of happiness to so many people from all around the city, who come all the way to spend some quality time with these adorable ones. We wish them the team all the best and hope that they continue to spread joy along with their four-legged best friends who are always full of energy.

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