Nirvana For Our Four Legged Friends

Posh Foundation , India

Indrajit Banerjee on June 19, 2018 in Animal Welfare

In a power hungry materialistic world how many people around you do stop to admire natures beauty , how many stop to appreciate little things that happen all around , how many stop to listen to the birds chirping or the enjoy the sight of canines running around in their playful gesture. People say and believe globally that man is superior of all animals , often the same is reflected on the animals when we find instances of extreme low level cruelty being inflicted on the four legged in our society. Sometimes  things go beyond extent , breaks the threshold when the term  ‘inhuman’  gets its living example, but hardly it matters to the major number of the society cause the economic growth driven humans they hardly care for the animals.  But thanks to individual groups like Posh Foundation who are deeply concerned about the health and living of the four legged ones.

Posh Foundation team are, looking out for animals in need. It's their vision to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom. Every day, with the help of people and the generous supporters, the unit take steps to achieve their envisaged mission. From rescuing a dog to creating awareness and fighting for their rights, this NGO has already come so far but yet way to go.

Driven by the philosophy of creating a neutral zone where animals, humans and environment coexist, the unit is seeking to expand the team and work on four major areas namely awareness, adoptions and counselling alongside cruelty intervention and rescue, sterilization and post-operative care first aid and treatment of sick and injured animals.

They are engaged into a series of activities and have chalked out plans which when implemented can serve us with quiet potential better results. As a support system to rescues and shelters in and around our community, posh foundation is building a campus called "Nirvana", the only one of its kind, right here. The goal is to provide much needed services to animal welfare organizations and the community in a way never done before.

Nirvana is dedicated to helping dogs recover from trauma such as accidents, injury due to abuse, neglect, long term confinement, and other special cases. Programs include, rescue, recovery, socialization, rehabilitation, and release after recovery for canines that animal lovers, shelters and rescue organizations cannot place.  The unit has launched a drive called Pam Posh, which significantly deals in providing physiotherapy treatments.

With the motto of “getting your best friend back to feet faster”, unit employs highly experienced professionals to facilitate the issues. A high state level of hydrotherapy is also provided if the case demands so, and doctors with over 10 years of experience are whom all can trust. Through series of events they have gliding their ways to be a significant name in and around Delhi, some of their camps include puppy adoption camps, animal abuse awareness camps, treat on street camps etc.  Through their restricted capacities they have done a ton of good works with others lined in the list and soon to come.

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