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Nittany Greyhounds, USA

Hema Katari on November 23, 2018 in Animal Welfare

Greyhounds are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about adopting pets and getting them home to our kids and family, but one would be surprised to know how caring for these animals is. Often, these lovely beings are considered ferocious and unfriendly due to their background but as they are trained and nurtured, they turn out of to be one of the friendliest creatures. Nittany Greyhounds is one such organization that is working on creating this awareness and providing homes for these beings.

Situated in the outskirts of State College Pennsylvania, Nittany Greyhounds is a facility shelter aiding in providing forever homes for retired greyhounds for more than 23 years. They have worked in providing homes for more than 1,800 greyhounds. Along with Greyhounds, they host as kennel homes for other domestic pets with a very minimal charge on hourly basis. They organize weekly events in surrounding neighborhoods for the local people to play with greyhounds. They also have everyday volunteering events to provide opportunities for people interested in volunteering and taking care of the greyhounds in the shelter. Nittany Greyhounds is a 100% donation-based organization who work towards providing homes for the retired

Greyhounds and to host awareness Events like Meet and greets in surrounding towns about these doe eyed creatures.

At Nittany Greyhounds, they train the greyhounds to be completely kennel trained and to behave like regular pets. The organization work towards their mission of creating awareness that Greyhounds are suitable for home environment and very friendly with kids and pets irrespective of their racing history.

They are actively welcoming volunteers to take part in their mission of creating awareness about these lovely animals and in nurturing and training them to be more welcomed at friendly environments like any other pet. As a fellow volunteer, the experience completely changed my perspective about Greyhounds and how well behaved and loving these animals are to be around. Apart from this, they organize events with other nearby institutions like Pennsylvania State University to spread the word about these wonderful beings.

Nittany Greyhounds was initially founded by Elaine and Joe Skidel who adopted a greyhound Lily which motivated them to care for more retired Greyhounds which led them to add a kennel and starting on this mission of Nittany Greyhounds.

Change is something which starts from a single step and that is what had brought this organization to where it is today. The effort and passion people at Nittany Greyhounds put towards their mission of creating awareness about the life of retired racing greyhounds and working in providing forever homes is really inspiring, it is truly a pleasure to be able to spread a word about this institution and aid in a token of help to be able to support their mission is an amazing experience.

The link provides any further information required to know more about the amazing work the organization of Nittany Greyhound provide. Please check it out and help spread the word!

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